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Oblivion Set For PS3 Launch? |

According to Gamasutra, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion could be a launch title for the PS3:

According to online reports citing an inadvertently mailed version of publisher Bethesda’s forthcoming game release list, the company is planning to debut PlayStation 3 and PSP versions of its hit Xbox 360 and PC title Oblivion before the end of 2006.

The unconfirmed but authentic-looking release list, which also shows already announced titles including Star Trek – Battlestations for PlayStation 2 and Star Trek – Legacy for the Xbox 360, has The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion SKUs for both PlayStation 3 (as a launch title) and PSP penciled in for a November 2006 debut.



I won’t believe it’s true until it’s been officially confirmed but if that turns out to be true then any doubts I had about the quality of games for the PS3’s launch will no longer be valid.

Oblivion has had nothing but rave reviews & has been hailed as a game of the year contender for the 360 & PC.

I will reign in my excitement until it’s been officially confirmed.

Oh & how will it fit on the PSP? Surely they will have to seriously scale it down for it to even be possible on the PSP?

GAMASUTRA – Oblivion Set For PS3 & PSP

  • A friend of mine at work totally freaked over this game. He goes on and on and on…. 🙂 I do hope it’ll make it to the PS3, that would help the PS3 a lot!

  • Gary

    It would be massive! I had misgivings about the quality of PS3 launch games but every day new games are being rumoured for launch (Ridge Racer 7, Oblivion) I can barely control my excitement. It better not be a hoax or I will not be happy.

    Oblivion ready for launch would be fantastic!

  • Black Guy

    iThink Oblivion is possible on the PSP.
    1. the gfx resoultuion will be significantly lower which will immediatly yeild a substanstial reducation of resources necessary 4 the visuals.
    2. Remove all the voice dialoge for the NPCs keeping just those required for the narratives (if that).
    3. Convert the audio tracks to 128k mp3 or something similar.

    they could do it. the devlopers did an interview a while ago in which they revealed the game took about 4GB on a X360 DVD ( probably the same on PC version). iThink they could easily shave off 2.2GB to fit Oblivion on a single UMD.

    iWas actually wonderingdering about this the other day and now here’s a post about it.

  • Black Guy

    *wondering not wonderingdering

  • Guy

    Brothers In Arms 3 is also a launch title.

  • Matt

    I think Microsoft will try to stop Oblivion from every seeing a Sony console. Final Fantasy was huge for Sony as so many fans switched from Nintendo to Sony when FF shifted consoles.

    Obivion is awesome. It is worth the cost of the system alone (it would be cheaper than upgrading a PC). I would have to say that this is a rumor. The 360 is still sold out it most locations and Oblivion is a huge reason for it. If you have the cash pick up a 360 with Oblivion. The hundred+ hours you live in Oblivion will be some of the best you have spent in many years.