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PS3’s Price Not Revealed At E3? |

Sony will not announce the price of the PS3 at E3 according to……..CNN Money:

One detail that won’t be revealed is the PS3’s price, which is bound to cause frustration amongst gamers, but is actually a savvy media move. By withholding those details, Sony gains additional media attention (and a renewed burst of public awareness) when it ultimately reveals the price – likely at the end of summer or early fall.

I’m not expecting Sony to announce a price at E3 but it would be nice if they did.

For a start, the sooner Sony announce the price the sooner retailers will be able to start taking pre-orders for the machine. As of yet I know of nowhere in the UK that is taking pre-orders for the PS3 & this is down to the price not being revealed.

I would also like to know how they will sell the machines. First come first served? If you are one of the first few to pre-order the machine will you definitely get it or will it be a lottery?

CNN – PS3 Price Not Revealed At E3

  • Matt

    I knew they wouldn’t anounce the price this early. This would give Nintendo and Microsoft a huge advantage. They would have the time to crunch the numbers of what is possible to sell their machines at.

    I would suspect the price announcement to come in early summer (June, July). I also suspect the bigger problem for Sony is fiuguring out how much of a price cut they can afford once they have the final cost of building the PS3. The PS3 is going to cost them a lot of money at first. Sony has to balance the SCE division with the rest of the lines that don’t make money.

    They are after all a public company and cannot afford to lose investors. The price point will be very hard for them. At $500-$600 the PS3 is a great machine that is worth much more than that. I would be willing to pay that but not many gamers are in their late 20’s + and bringing home a nice salary. I see the value in it but parents buying for their kids will not. Also people who work full time but live on tight budgets will also freak out.

    Oh well. If they set the release date (which they won’t) stores could take pre-orders. I think stores like Gamestop and EB will wait until they know how many units they are getting before taking pre-orders. 360 burned them, but it was their own fault for assuming the number they would receive.

    E3 will still be awesome though. We should get a great idea of what the system is capable of and which games are planned for launch.

  • JustME

    I would not expect the price for the PS3 to be said at E3. I would expect that at TGS in Sept.

  • WonderSteve

    I seriously doubt Sony would reveal the price at E3. It would give too much time for Microsoft to plan ahead.

    So many people are buying into the hype the price will be expensive right now for seom weird reason. The price will end up being much lower than the hype just like what happen to PS2 and PSP. It will probably be around the price range of XBOX 360

  • I know everyone else is predicting it too, but I think the price will be between $400 and $500, probably near the bottom end of that scale.

    No biggy. Adjusted for inflation, that’s not a lot different than many other consoles released over time.

  • Gary

    Well it’s a big deal in Europe because if it’s $400 then that should convert to……£225 or there abouts? I bet you it will be £400 though & that really ticks me right off.


  • Black Guy

    MS has already planned ahead for whatever price Sony announces. MS have been around for a while and I’m sure they have very intelligent staff members- as w/ many companies – that have already worked up most conceivable scenarios 4 the Sony/Nintendo launch and what MS strategy will b. MS is not going to wait up until the last minute 4 the competition to move to then make a strategic decision, that would foolish.

  • Gary

    I don’t think it matters if MS cuts the price of the 360 around the time the PS3 launches or whatever any plans they have to try & detract people from getting a PS3.

    Most people that have decided to get a PS3 at launch won’t be persuaded to change their minds now, or in the coming months, regardless of what MS has up it’s sleeve

    Sony are the only ones that can seriously affect sales of the PS3 by charging ridiculous prices for the console, $500+/£500+ , and not having enough consoles available.

  • Matt

    The launch price doesn’t matter. Sony Fans will buy the PS3 at whatever cost Sony sells it for. Where MS can take advantage of the situtation is a low price and a similar system. If a salesman can’t give parents reasons not to buy the 360 then parents will buy the 360. The initial batch will sell out fast and parents will want something under the tree. 360 will be in bountiful supply and at a much cheaper cost.

    I think the American people are more price sensitive than we would like to believe. Time will tell.

    When Dreamcast launched the word was out that SEGA was in deep trouble. That is why I didn’t buy one. I would have but the thought of a system that is useless in a year or two was appauling.

    This is not the case with MS. They have quality games that are exclusive. They are also one of the richest companies in the world.

    This is really the first time that a system with comparible power and a year head start goes against the King. Holiday 2006 will be a fun time to watch the news. If Sony has a shortage MS will take advantage. MS in the end will also be sold out Holiday 2006. They will just move more systems at a cheaper price.