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What I want from my PS3 |

I’ve been thinking about the PS3 & the things I’d like to be able to do with it. Some of these might happen & some of them probably will not:


No.1 I would like to be able to store my favourite music onto the hard drive & have the option to use the songs in games like GTA, Gran Turismo & Burnout instead of the music that’s in the game. Maybe you could even customise your own radio station in GTA?!

No.2 Having the ability to record/store game replays & have the option to send your greatest show off moments to friends online would be great. I doubt this will be possible but I would love the option to be able to record any gaming moment at the press of a button other than just replays. Mainly for the games that don’t have replays like Devil May Cry & GTA.

No.3 This probably will be possible in some games but I would like to be able to capture my image (face & body) using EyeToy & use it in a game either as the main character or as a NPC.
Imagine having yourself in GTA as one of the pedestrians & you decide to shoot yourself or beat yourself…… 😆 …..erm or maybe I’m just weird.

No.4 It would be great to be able to browse the web safe from viruses etc using your PS3. I dunno if that is possible but it would be great if they managed it & made it so your PS3 wasn’t at risk. I know that Linux OS will be preinstalled, so that should make it a less of a target & possibly less vulnerable.

No.5 You know how some games allow you to watch all the cut scenes that appeared in the game, in one continuous showing almost like a mini movie (I think MGS: Snake Eater did this), well wouldn’t it be cool to be able to store all the cut scenes from every game of your choice onto the hard drive & watch them at your leisure? FFXIII would be a prime candidate & so would MGS4.

What do you think? What would you like to do with your PS3 (other than play games :wink:)?

  • I absolutely agree with your #1. My tastes in music are not EA’s tastes, so I want to rock to Rhapsody and Nightwish when racing down the streets of Monte Carlo. Not some band whose idea of a melody line is to use a second note.

    I also want a greater emphasis on multiplayer gaming. All racing games should have a 4 player mode. Ditto for first person shooters.

    I’m looking forward to downloading movie trailers in HD and watching them on my HDTV.

  • Matt

    If they get close to what I can do on Xbox Live than that would be great out of the Box (Number 1 is one of the greatest things about the 360).

    As for the other stuff, I think the 360 and PS3 will have essentially the same thing. Some of your requests will happen in time. I think it is more of an internet speed issue over a hardware/software issue.

    Henning you couldn’t be correct. EA puts the worst songs in their games.

  • Glen the Hen

    Business Business Business. As much as I would buy it anyway for the games the ability to do word processing, printing, and the like would be fantastic. Or do I now have to by a Sony PC???