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World versus Sony, Round 593927 |


Have you seen the headlines? They’re plastered all over the web. Playstation 3 has backwards compatibility problems! PS3 not 100% Backward Compatible? And more.

Guess what source they quote? The one below, actually, from An article that actually says that progress is going quite well, thank-you very much. An article that doesn’t say anything about problems. It doesn’t say anything about the PS3 being anything but 100% backwards compatible!

Which just goes to show you how the media seems to have its guns set on Sony, and that Sony can do no right.

So next time you hear some news that says some bad news about Sony, check the source.

Software emulation for backwards compatibility progressing well, claims source


  • thomas

    i only read ps3news from this site anyway.

    btw what are you guys gonna do when the ps3 is here, what’s the future of this site?

  • Um, keep talking about the PS3? Probably a bit more game oriented, less rumour oriented, I’m guessing. I don’t have any plans to give up the site, but we’ll just have to see what kind of news there’s to talk about when the time comes.

  • Gary

    I might do PS3 game reviews if anyone would be interested & I’ll still talk about forthcoming games etc.

    There will still be loads to talk about when the PS3 is nestling next to my TV.


  • A lot of people are actually quoting from this website:
    That’s a PS3 fansite. I have no idea, we will see in the end though I guess.

  • Even in that article they don’t state any facts about problems with compatibility. Sony will probably watch out for popular games that aren’t up to spec on the PS2 and make sure they run in emulation.

  • That’s true, it’s all heresy or people reading too much into it. I don’t think it will be too bad, they would have planned for it from the start and learned a lot from the PS2 Back Compat experience even though it was hardware.

  • Matt

    They will have no problems as long as the games were written to their standard. I would be lead to believe that any game you want to play after your PS3 is home, from the PS2 lineup, should follow Sonys standards. I think the crappy developers who can’t figure out the code just get it to work.

    If the launch lineup and window following have 4-5 good to great games you will not even want to play your PS2 games. BC is a waste to money. I never played a PS1 game on my PS2 and I will never play a PS2 game on my PS3. When I want to reminisce on old games I pull out the old system for the full effect.

  • Leo

    I’m really looking forward to BC on PS3. Look at the xbox360: it tuns the old games with anti-aliasing and 720p. The PS3 will likely do the same, but maybe even 1080p and better frame rates. What could be better than playing Black, MGS3: Subsistence, and God of War 2 in HD with a wireless controller (besides Motorstorm, of course)? BC also adds a sense of continuity to the gaming biz, it dampens the consumer-frenzy of running out and getting the next best thing, then tossing out the old.

  • Gary

    I agree with Leo. The only PSone game that I played on my PS2 was Final Fantasy VII but there are a few games that I will play on the PS3 starting with GTA: San Andreas plus there will be a few quality PS2 games that will be cheaper by the time the PS3 is launched.