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Tekken 6 Confirmed For PS3 |

This is not exactly Earth shattering news but IGN reports that the latest issue of Famitsu magazine confirms that Tekken 6 will be released on the PS3:

Given that one of Namco’s early PS3 demo clips was based on Tekken, it was a no-brainer that the company’s prized fighting series would be making an appearance on Sony’s new system. This week’s Famitsu has at last confirmed it. PS3 will be getting Tekken 6 from Namco Bandai Games.

The magazine doesn’t have any details on the title, whose release date is listed as TBA.

I hope there’s some gameplay footage at E3 or at least some actual details about the game.

I used to be a big fan of Tekken on PSone but I’ve never really got into any of the PS2 Tekken games. Maybe because they never really changed much from game to game so unless this offers something different I can see the same happening again.

Maybe fully destructible environments, fully 3d roaming areas, interference from watching fighters or something along those lines would be good additions.

IGN – Tekken 6 Confirmed For PS3

  • Black Guy

    All the Tekkens feel the same to me cuz there has never been much evolutions between the sequals. Tag Tournament is probably the only slight exception to this. Tekken games are fun for a while but grow repetitive very quickly. Series the likes of Virtua Fighter and Dead or Alive have more long term appeal.

    Although, Tekken has always featured some great music.

  • Gary

    I dunno I’ve just seemed to lost all interest in those type of games. Tekken, DoA, Virtua Fighter etc.

    I’m a huge Martial Arts nut aswell so I should be playing those games but…..

  • Michael

    Well, for the next tekken game on ps3, better graphics is a no brainer. One thing that would really change the series I think would be fighting physics. We’ve seen be advances in fps games for the pc using physics, but in the world of fighting games, there is still use the clunky, repetitive fighting and following down system they always have. Better physics, destructable environments, a bruise systems and clothes damaging system would all really take the game to the next level. I am pretty sure that these things will be used in the next tekken since advanced physics are the most widely known ways that developers have shown to change game play.

  • Black Guy

    Michael –
    Fight Night on X360 has fairly convincing physics. Blast someone in the face and a bruise will form accordingly. Looks cool…

  • Michael

    Yes…but I’m actually refering to fighting games where you can use the arms and legs, such as, well…tekken.

  • Gary

    You know what would be cool? If someone does a joint lock on you & say breaks your arm you then can’t use that arm in combat so you have to adapt to a different style. That would make people learn the counters & reversals to such moves hopefully putting an end to button bashing.

  • Gary –

    There was a game like that on the OG Xbox made by the OG creaters of Mortal Kombat. iForgot the name but it didn’t do very well. iHad it 4 a minute and it was ridiculously difficult. iGot rid of it cuz of the unbalanced gameplay.

    iRemember u could break arms or legs and render it useless.

  • Gary

    I remember a game on the PSone, I think it was called Bushido where you played as a samurai & one cut from a blade & you would be dead. It was actually alright.

    It could work if you were able to fight on with a different style. If people with 1 leg & 1 arm can fight then they should be able to implement broken limbs…

    If a character breaks a leg then they could then switch to Capoeira which would make it easier to move around as your legs are in the air more than on the ground….