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No Next Gen GTA Announcement At E3 | has broken my heart….. 😥

Well not really. I wasn’t expecting any GTA news at E3 but they seem to have confirmed my worst fears that Rockstar North will not announce any news about the next installment of their incredibly popular GTA series:GTA 4

Barring any last-minute surprises, Rockstar Games will be a virtual no-show at E3 this year, Rockstar public relation staff have confirmed.

That means no booth tours, no appointments, and no game announcements. And certainly no next-gen Grand Theft Auto.

I suppose there is some hope after all that they are at least working on a new title:

What does this mean for the uber-powerful game developer? Likely, they’re hard at work on the next entry in the ever-popular Grand Theft Auto series, which is rumored to debut on a next-gen system. Of course, the company has yet to even suggest they’re working on such a title, but considering that a vast percentage of publisher Take-Two Interactive’s revenue comes from the Grand Theft Auto series, there’s no doubt they’re building the technological framework as we speak.

They day they announce GTA 4, or whatever the next title will be called, will be the day that I will shout WOOHOO!!!!!!! & do a crazy jig of uncontrolled joy! 😀

GAMETRAILERS – No Next Gen GTA Announcements At E3

  • So. You like GTA, then?

    Just guessing…

  • Black Guy

    iCould never get into GTA. iPlayed the last release on Xbox/PS2 and the PSP and it was not a very appealing game. iGuess iNeed to spend more time w/ it to fully appreciate it. Maybe ‘cuz iGrew up in the kind of environments depicted in GTA and iKnow what its REALLY like, iJust don’t c the magic w/ it.

    To ea. their own iGuess.

  • gary

    Yeah it’s my favourite game on PS2. How’d you guess Henning?

    Black Guy I’ve also grew up in those type of areas depicted in San Andreas (yes there are slums in England aswell only with less guns though) so I also know what it’s really like in reality but they are, in a way, a great form of escapism & the freedom to do what you want is great.

    There’s nothing better than just cruising around on the various motorbikes listening to the crazy radio stations.

    I seriously can’t wait for the next game in the GTA series. I’ll be buying Liberty City Stories to fill the gap when it’s released over here.

  • observer

    I see you have a lot of pent up excitement there, Gary 🙂

    GTA is my favorite series as well for any platform. That series has the best writing, humor, satire, action, and variety of experiences of any game. Of course, it’s not for everyone.

    I think it’s a safe bet that a colossal next-gen GTA title is in the works. I’m guessting that it won’t come out until 2007 though.

  • gary

    Observer you have never been more right!

    I’m physically getting excited at the sheer thought of GTA on PS3.

    When I first played GTA3 I couldn’t believe how amazing it was at the time. I couldn’t put it down. Every single spare moment I had was dedicated to roaming the streets of Liberty City.

    😆 Remember when the intro played & the van you were in crashed & the game started? Well I didn’t realise that the game had began & I just sat there staring at the screen holding the joypad thinking “cool it looks amazing……..what the! WOW THIS IS GREAT OOHHH BABY I’M CONTROLLING THIS!!!!!’

    Ahh the memories.


  • Matt

    It almost sounds like GTA is in the process of getting an exclusive deal. I would think that we all know that another installment is coming. So why not annouce it then? The only reason I can think of not to, is they can’t answer for what systems.

    I have heard that MS really wants an exclusive (sole) an may be close to getting a deal done. I bet that R* wants a deal similar to the last one that let them release on other consoles 6 months after the Sony release.

    I guess we will all know soon.

  • observer

    I hope MS doesn’t get the exclusive. If they do, I will promptly buy a 360. I’ve heard the GTA developers say the one thing they want from this generation is more storage than DVD; and this comment was before San Andreas was released and before the PS3/360 had been introduced. So I hope Sony gets the exclusive and the GTA guys can show us what Blu-Ray games can do.

  • What observer said x 2
    I’ll go for a 360 too if sony fails to get the exclusive.

  • Gary

    I won’t. I’ll just wait until it comes out on the PS3.

    If it doesn’t come out on PS3 then I will just have to cry myself to sleep & after 2 years of sadness I will finally get over it…..

  • Blue Spotted Frog

    Regardless of what exclusivity deal Take 2 Interactive makes for GTA, I’m sure there is a version for the PC in the works. And the PC version would be the one I am most likely to buy since GTA is a great game to mod.

  • én

    A kurva geci fasz szopó életbe!