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PS3 to Shoot out of the Gate

PS3Sony expects to sell a boatload of PS3′s in its first few months on the market. Sony expects to sell 6 million PS3′s in the first four to five months. That compares to the 4.5 to 5.5 million that Microsoft expects to sell in the first seven months.

Is this a surprise that Sony can sell so many PS3′s? Hardly. I don’t really think it’s a question of whether or not Sony can sell them. It’s whether or not Sony can manufacture them. Sony aims to ramp up to one million units produced per month quite quickly. That’s a lot of units. That’s over 33 thousand units a day, starting from producing zero.

So the question becomes: can Sony ramp up that fast? Can they have a bunch of them available at launch, then continue pouring more of them into the market? At this point the market is a big sponge and will surely absorb whatever Sony can realistically throw at it. Especially if the PS3 launches with some good games.

Sony expects a hot start for the PlayStation 3


Marvel: Ultimate Alliance – Super Action/RPG?

How does a RPG/action adventure featuring Marvel’s fantastic array of super heroes sound to you? How many you say?
Does more than 140 sound OK? Well that’s how many will feature in the game with 20 playable characters. Ooohhh will I be Spider-man? Wolverine? Blade? Decisions decisions. Ahh who am I kidding it’s Spidey all the way!!!

IGN has this to say about Marvel: Ultimate Alliance:

“Marvel: Ultimate Alliance delivers a new twist on action/RPGs where players’ actions and choices ultimately determine what happens to the Marvel universe,” states Will Kassoy of Activision. “This coupled with the game’s enormous character roster will deliver an action-packed experience that comic book fans have been waiting for.”

Ultimate Alliance will allow players to create their own team name, icon and vehicle, and well as establish their team reputation as they play through their choice of multiple missions. Tweakable character leveling will give gamers the choice to focus on individual heroes or team-wide upgrades. With avengers assembled battle Marvel super baddies through multiple environments with all manner of combat moves and super hero powers.

Multiplayer modes will let players join friends and fight evil doers on and off line in co-op modes. An in-game stat tracking mode will allow you to see how you rate against others.

You can’t beat superheroes for some crazy game action. It’s just a shame there hasn’t been that many decent games based on them. The original Spider-man on PSone has been the only really decent game that captured what it should feel like to control a superhero & it captured the feel of the cartoon perfectly aswell.

Set for launch this Autumn/Fall. Could be a launch title or available not long after the PS3′s launch so it should be on view at E3….

IGN – Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

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Famitsu Polls Developers About E3

Famitsu (the Japanese gaming bible) has polled gamers & game developers about a number of things concerning E3. Firstly what are they looking forward to the most at E3:

Famitsu polled gamers and software makers about their interest at E3. Both parties were most interested in Nintendo’s new hardware. 47.4% of software makers and 45.3% of gamers expressed interest in Revolution. This topped PlayStation 3, which got 36.8% of the developer vote and 44.8% of the gamer vote. The remaining 15.8% of developers didn’t respond to the question. For users, 4.4% selected Xbox 360 with 5.5% selecting “other hardware.” The magazine did not reveal the number of participants in the survey.

Xbox 360 didn’t fare too well. I’m very very surprised. Not.

Next the developers were asked how many secret games they were planning on revealing at E3:

Developers were also asked to reveal how many secret titles they have planned to unveil at the show. Of the 19 companies polled, 12 revealed that they have undisclosed titles to show, with two listing no secrets for the show and 5 giving no response. Of those with secret titles to show, 5 companies stated that at least one of the secret titles is for Revolution. PS3 and PSP were each listed by 2 companies, with GameCube, PS2 and DS getting one company each. Five companies had secret titles whose hardware they would not confirm with the magazine.

Ooohh I love secrets…….I love secrets being revealed more though! :)
I would like to know which developers were asked so i could try & guess what secrets they have tucked away in a giant safe buried under an Elephant….

Famitsu also has a list of games that companies have told them would be shown at E3:

Of the companies listed in Famitsu, Bandai Namco games had the most titles, with PS2 getting the brunt of the playable offerings. For Xbox 360, Culdecept Saga will appear in video-only, with Gundam seeing its playable debut. PS3 will have Gundam, Tekken 6 and Ridge Racer 7 all shown in video form.

Ubisoft’s list of titles includes some big next generation offerings. PS3 will see Assassin and Game V. Xbox 360 will see BIA Hell’s Highway, Rainbow Six Vegas and Splinter Cell Double Agent. PS2 and Xbox 360 will see Open Season. Dark Messiah and Red Steel are listed as hardware TBA. Playable/video status of the Ubisoft titles is not listed in the magazine.

Koei’s next generation efforts are all going the video route. Fatal Inertia and Blade Storm will be shown for the PS2, with Samurai Warriors 2 getting its Xbox 360 debut. The magazine lists Samurai Warriors 2 as playable, but we wouldn’t be surprised if this is for the PS2 version.

Capcom has a large lineup of playable titles. Okami, God Hand and Street Fighter Zero Fighters Generation will be available for the PS2. Xbox 360 will have Lost Planet and Dead Rising in playable states. The magazine doesn’t list any Capcom PS3 titles.

No Capcom games at E3! No Devil May Cry 4. No Resident Evil 4! …… :cry:

I’ve never heard of Assassin and Game V. Time for some Googling.

IGN – Famitsu Polls Developers


Tekken 6 Confirmed For PS3

This is not exactly Earth shattering news but IGN reports that the latest issue of Famitsu magazine confirms that Tekken 6 will be released on the PS3:

Given that one of Namco’s early PS3 demo clips was based on Tekken, it was a no-brainer that the company’s prized fighting series would be making an appearance on Sony’s new system. This week’s Famitsu has at last confirmed it. PS3 will be getting Tekken 6 from Namco Bandai Games.

The magazine doesn’t have any details on the title, whose release date is listed as TBA.

I hope there’s some gameplay footage at E3 or at least some actual details about the game.

I used to be a big fan of Tekken on PSone but I’ve never really got into any of the PS2 Tekken games. Maybe because they never really changed much from game to game so unless this offers something different I can see the same happening again.

Maybe fully destructible environments, fully 3d roaming areas, interference from watching fighters or something along those lines would be good additions.

IGN – Tekken 6 Confirmed For PS3