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Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier |

IGN has been scouring The U.S. Patent Office (slow news day yesterday fellas?) & have found what could be the next game in the popular Jak & Daxter series:Jak

As proof that “the establishment” isn’t all bad, we can occasionally enjoy a little something known as “The U.S. Patent Office.” With it, we can look up all sorts of cool and recently-filed trademarks and find out interesting information before companies decide to announce it.

That’s exactly what happened today as we came across Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier — an all-new “real-time online networked game” whose title was registered by Sony on April 21. Because of the way in which the trademark office works, however, we’re not quite sure what system this new mystery title is actually for. But given the fact that Jak developer Naughty Dog has been hiring lately for a dual PS2 / PS3 project that has yet to receive a name, it is possible that The Lost Frontier and the unknown project could be one in the same.

I am a fan of Jak & Daxter (well except for no.2 which was a let down) but I’m slightly concerned about the “real-time online networked game” bit. Is it an online game only or will it feature both offline & online play?

Maybe they are currently working on two Jak & Daxter games, with the above being an online only experience & the other title, possibly the dual PS2/PS3 project, being the proper sequel to Jak 3?

Who knows hopefully this will be cleared up at E3….

  • Matthew

    Jak II a let-down? Are you crazy? Jak II was leaps and bounds better than the first game!

  • I agree with the above. Jak II is my fave game ever! I haven’t actually ever played the first game (must get round to that) but Jak II got me hooked on the entire series.

  • James

    Well, oh course Jak II is better then Jak and Daxter:Precurser Lagacy b/c the first one was ment for the youngins and then they had to step it up and make it T from E and just went w/ the Jak and Daxter flow, I think Jak3 was the best brought it all together and it was just great how the light and dark Jak and all the secrets of the Precursers were told, not to mention the guns all came together and don’t get me started on JakX I mean it was ok, but didn’t it seem like they kind of rushed all of it together

  • Kt

    Jak 2 was awesome! so much better then Jak and Daxter, which got ptretty confusing, Jak 3 was the best one, the only reason I desperately wanted to finish the missions, was to see the clips, to keep the story moving!!!
    Jak X was OK, but 2&3 were better, driving was diferent, and what’s with the death rally’s? running into the little cars? whatever

  • I’m surprised you all think Jak II is a better game than Jak & Daxter. The best part about the original game is that it was a fantastic open world adventure platformer with a lot of freedom and variety with beautiful visuals then Jak II came along and went all GTA!

    The hover-board was the best thing that came out of Jak II. Jak III is the game Jak II should’ve been but Jak II wasn’t a bad game just not as good as Jak & Daxter.

    There’s still no news of Jak & Daxter coming to PS3. 😥

  • Austin

    Jak 1 was very easy and i already beat it only (counting fingers) 5 thousand times but jak II i am about to beat and im only on the last mission but i thought jak II is awesome and i like Jak 3 too and Jak X and im getting daxter cause i just got a psp for my b – day and i cant wait until Jak and Daxter: The Last Frontier comes out. it is gonna be awesome. Emphasis on LAST in the title it is gonna be the last one in the series and if jak getts to meat his whole family and they reveal all his secrets that Jak knows about and doesn’t know about would be great!!!!!!!

  • jak

    Jak and Dexter all of them 1,2,3, and JakX were all great games. I hope the next game would have more of Daxter in it cause it’s fun to play with him. The best out of all of the series was the second part because it tells the whole story. I give props to the people who created this great game, and all you gamefreaks go and listen to Tupac’s songs.

  • i found the date of the release it is what i found Developer: *TBA
    Platform: PlayStation 3 · Genre: Action
    Release Date: 12/31/08

  • david b

    i found the date of the release for jak and daxter the lost frontier this
    is what i found Developer: *TBA
    Platform: PlayStation 3 · Genre: Action
    Release Date: 12/31/08

  • asothman

    all jak games r great
    onli jak x
    not great
    i finished all three

  • ham

    thats way to long 2 wait y cant they bring it out this year?

  • Jak3

    I’d love it if this game was released, but if it only comes out on PS3 i will be very angry!!!!!
    Anyway 1,2, and 3 are boss. 3 is the best, 1 is second best, and Jak 2 is third, They’re all great except Jak X. and i’ve started playing 1 again.
    Make lost frontier ( the name sounds relly cool!)

  • Jak3

    *Really ^

  • Zeon

    Um….one thing,so the developer is not going to be Naughty Dog? If it is not I am going to be angry, since i do know that Naughty Dog sold Daxter to a different company.

  • daxy

    ok naughty dog have hinted that tere gonna make a new game on there site theyve said “they dont like grass growing under there feet so watch outt for a new game soon”

  • I really hope they do make a new Jak & Daxter game on PS3. It would be awesome.

  • the jakster

    i love all the jak games i got all the orbs and i beet them in hero mode i going to love the next one

  • the jakster

    i love all the jak games i got all the orbs and i beet them in hero mode i going to love the next one. YA

  • jak and daxter is so awsome but i want it to be on ps2 because i don’t got a ps3 yet …..

  • Fico

    Jak 1,2,3,X are my best games. If a new Jak:The Lost Frontier ever cam can it be for PS2

  • Ed Elmore

    This is great. I was hoping they would come out with a new Jak and Daxter game.
    They really had to. If they had left things the way they are, then they would have set up the classic tempral loop mistake that so many writers make when writing time travel stories.
    When adult Jak sent baby Mar back to his own time and then went on to live in the future,this would have set up the loop that I mean.
    Besides which,if Jak does not go back to his own time to live as the adult Mar,then how would Haven City and all thoes fabulous temples ever get built
    for his Jak II and Jak III three adventures.

  • Chris

    Are you crazy? Jak II was the BEST in the series.

    The first one, was a series starting off. The makers could see it’s success, take in comments.

    The second one was definitely the best. It added in a whole lot of new features and kept its challenge.

    The third one had great new features, although some missions were easy, and others annoying rather than challenging, but still a great game nontheless.

    The fourth, Jak X, I guess can’t really be compared with the other three, since it’s of a whole different Genre.

    Number 2 was sort of wierd for me though. I got to about 52% to a mission which I couldn’t pass, although everyone else found it EASY. Once my friend did it, I did most of the rest and it was awesome.
    Even if you didn’t like it, a LETDOWN? Wow.

    For your other comment, Jak 3 was what Jak 2 was meant to be? How can you say that? Are you sure you finished Jak 2 -.- Once again, Jak 3 had cool features and all, but #2 had more challenge and fun.

    As for the story, I think Jak 3 did a great job of carrying on the Jak 2 one

  • loco13

    i think that jak and daxter sucked and that jak 2 was better than jak 3 and jak and daxter but jak 2 had the best story board

  • Okay i believe that there is going to be a JDLF game coming out and im really excited but a lot of people say every year a JDLF game is coming and they always say on December 31st is when it well come out. So i hope it really does come out.