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PS3 Xbox 360 Survey Says! |

PlayStation 3Gamasutra is reporting on a survey done by IGN. This is a survey by IGN Entertainment’s GamerMetrics of IGN’s audience. Supposedly many people answered this survery, if the phrase “a pool of more than half a million users volunteering which titles they own, want and are evaluating” is any indication.

Results? It looks that, while 79% of respondents own a PS2, that their allegiance is quite fickle. Only 36% of them view the PS3 as their next-gen console of choice. The X360 garnered 28% of votes, the Wii got 22% of votes, and 14% were undecided. (Yup, those numbers add up to 100%.)

The undecided voters were decidedly in the RPG camp, giving Sony an edge there (probably).

What does all this means? It means that Sony has quite a fight on its hands if it wants to retain the console crown. No sitting back and sipping margaritas for Ken and Phil. Do you think Sony has gotten the message? Or do you think they’re starting to get complacent?

Gamasutra – Study: Consumers Show Marginal PS3 Next-Gen Allegiance

  • Gary

    I don’t like polls. They aren’t truly representative of what EVERY PS2 owner thinks.

    I doubt that only 36% of every PS2 owner in the entire world plans on getting a PS3 & using that as their console of choice.

    Some people will buy multiple consoles. And the 14% undecided are probably waiting to see the PS3 in action before declaring which console they want.

    I can’t see how Sony has gotten complacent. They seem to be trying to give gamers what they want (not me) with the PlayStation Network.

    They will ‘win’ the console war but it mightn’t be as big of a margin as the current gen.

  • Black Guy

    iThink Sony has gotten complacement a while back. Look @ the PSP. Sony felt that the PS brand was strong enough to just waltz in on Nintendo’s turf and take control. Well they got a rude awakening from the DS; nobody saw that coming. Its like the little whimpy looking guy who’s ass u think u could kick until he knocks u into next week. Thats exactly what happened w/ Sony PSP.

    The X360 has a hell of a lineup for the remainder of this yr and next. If they can keep that momentum going and if the Wii turns out to b the savior of gaming as Nintendo has biblically proclaimed, I’ll b honestly surprised if Sony walks away w/ the crown this time. They may win Japan, but in America and Europe, the Xbox brand is very strong; at least from what I’ve read.

  • Matt

    Their are a few things I think are going to kill the PS3 this round.

    1) Many PS2 fans have been waiting for PS3 game footage that is going to stomp the 360. I don’t think it is coming. When Gears of War is being stuffed down our throats (millions of dollars on advertising)during the PS3 release period it will be hard for Sony to have a game that looks as good. (I know about all the games coming but Epic is a great developer who had almost 2 years to develop this game).

    2) PS3 shortages. If they make 2 million units (in the USA) it will not be enough. Sony is essentially doing a world wide release and cannot meet demand. Parents who don’t want to leave the tree empty will get a 360 and most will keep it. Their will be no shortages of 360s.

    3) Lies. Sony has once again made very bold claims and the public is very aware this time. If Sony falls short they will lose some of their fans. They will lose me.

    4) They might not make it in time. I personally think they are behind schedule and are trying to catch up. I believe they are going to be behind on quantity which will shift more people to 360. (This is totally my opinion which I am basing on things I have read and feeling)

    5) It will be years before the PS3 games look across the board as good as 360. A one year lead in development is huge. Figuring out how to program and fully take advanatge of the hardware takes time. 3rd/4th gen games will be in development for 360 when the 2nd gen are starting for PS3.

    6) MS has greatly improved their game diversity and Nintendo has gone so far from “normal” that they will get a nice piece of the pie. Sony will hang around at the top but their dominance may be over.

    Curious what you guys think. anything else scaring you about the looming launch?

  • 1) I think most gamers are realistic and realize the graphics quality coming from the PS3 and X360 will be about the same.

    2) Shortages. Of course. It’s a console launch. That doesn’t mean the console will fail.

    3) I think that Sony has actually toned down their promises from last time around. But Microsoft did the same. Remember Madden?

    4) No comment.

    5) I don’t believe it. A large chunk of creating a next-gen game is creating the content. Developers will have leaerned how to do that on the X360, and will have the experience they need to do the same for the PS3. And besides, it’s not like developers don’t have resources. The Unreal Engine is supposed to look quite spectacular on the PS3. As well, developers will be using OpenGL for their 3D work on the PS3. It’s a well known and capable API. I don’t think that developers are as behind as you think.

    6) Yes, Microsoft has really upped their game. Sony won’t do as well this time around. The question in my mind is how much of their lead will they lose? I still think they’ll lead this round, but by how much?

  • Gary

    1) I agree with Henning most gamers don’t believe the hype & are very realistic when it comes to comparing the graphical abilities of both consoles. The proof will be in the pudding as they say.

    2) There will be shortages. Everybody is aware there will be shortages. People who have waited this long for a PS3 will continue to wait.

    3) Every company the world over exaggerates what there customers will get from their products & you’re forgetting that most of the hype for the PS3 is from outside forces but Sony haven’t helped the situation by keeping quiet for so long.

    4) The console will launch in November. This is my opinion based on what I have read & my gut feeling.

    5) Rubbish. It won’t be years before PS3 games look as good as 360 games. How many games at the 360 launch looked fantastic? Not many. Yeah you could argue about them being 1st gen games but when you consider some of them didn’t look an awful lot better than their PS2/Xbox & PC versions…. We will see at E3 the standard of 1st gen games that will be ready for the launch. Let’s compare then shall we.

    6) Nothing is scaring me about the forthcoming launch. If Sony drop off the gaming market then so be it. I play games on the console that best suits my gaming needs. That is currently Sony. If they did “lose” the console war this time around so what? They will either try again with the PS4 or they will do a SEGA & quit. If that happens then I will simply buy the next console that suits my needs.

    There is far too much being written about which company will win the console war when it doesn’t really matter to the hardcore gamers because we will simply move on to whichever platform suits our needs. We aren’t going to quit gaming just because a company no longer produces hardwear. Did Dreamcast owners suddenly pack in gaming when SEGA decided they couldn’t compete? No. They went & bought a PS2 or Xbox.

  • Black Guy

    MS didn’t promote Madden; that was EA. EA promised the next Madden would look as good as the promotional video on all next gen systems. MS showed real games from day 1 on the X360. Recall how the media was immediately downlpaying X360 after seeing the visuals that were not up to expectations? Every1 was drool’n w/ anticipation only to b disappointed by the less than “Finding Nemo” visuals; iKnow iWas.

  • Black Guy

    1. U would think that a lot of ppl would have realistic expectations but iDoubt it. Recall how so many lapped up Killzone and Motorstorm as realtime? True, that was mostly attributed to Sony’s lies but ppl actually bought into it. And even though the truth have been revealed, ravid fanboys still believe that those trailers r the level PS3 will deliver @.

    2. There will b shortages and iAgree w/ Matt that moms who can’t find a PS3 will buy an X360. It happened last season w/ the X360 shortages. Gift buyers who couldn’t find an X360 bought a PS2 or Xbox 1. The true die hard fans will wait but not the casual gamer, the gift buyer, and those who r just fed up w/ waiting.

    3. Sony is @ it again. There r making the most outlandish claims ever! What the hell is 4D gaming? 4D is considered time in a hypothetical universe, so unless Sony has some brains that have figured out something that no academia or other business have been able to, iDon’t c 4D gaming happening 4 some time. 120fps? iDidn’t know most TV can even refresh that fast. If they could, does it look materially different from say, 60fps? Could human eyes even detect it? Its 1 thing to hype something up, but Sony is just absolutely ridiculous; flat out liers.

    4. They have to launch in Nov. if they’r ready or not. They miss this year, they will never recover this generation.

    5. iThink it will could b sometime b4 PS3 matches X360. The 1 yr head start in terms of development will consistently keep X360 1 step ahead of PS3 until both systems plateau @ which point we’ll begin to c content that really caters to the strenghts of the respective hardware. The PS3 is completely different animal than any of the other systems; its probably the most unconvential design. Its going to take sometime 4 dev. to learn how to use that thing.

    6. iThink we’ll have a better idea of how the outcome could play @ E3.