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OPM Delayed for Juicy PS3 E3 Info |

If you’re an Official PlayStation Magazine subscriber, you may have noticed that your mailbox has been rather empty of late. OPM is delaying the release of their magazine to May 10th, to coincide with the first day of E3, to “protect some juicy PS3 exclusives we snagged.” Pretty neat stuff, huh? I think E3 will bring us some good PS3 info.

I think you’re going to like this issue; it has over 40 pages of PS3 games and info., including a major interview with SCEE bigwig Phil Harrison, and feature previews by Scooter and Joe. (Note to manage your expectation, our awesome scoops are strictly third-party games — Sony is keeping their next-gen hardware and games under wraps until the show and we’ll have more on those in the July issue).

June Issue Delayed (for a very good reason)

  • Gary

    Hmm I wonder if the UK version will have the same exclusives….

  • Guy

    I was just asking. Can I buy the E3 2006 issue of this magazine in any store or will I have to subscribe to OPM?

  • Gary

    You should be able to walk into any store & purchase it.

  • I think you should be able to find it on the newstands.