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90 sec Audio Trailer For MGS4 |

Konami why do you tease me so!!!! You had to go and release a 90 sec audio clip of the trailer that will be shown at E3, thus tipping my excitement way over the edge…..

Here is what is said in the clip:

Snake: War has changed.

Snake: Our time has ended.

Snake: Our war is over.

Campbell: Since the Manhattan incident, restrictions on military invention in foreign countries have eased, fueling demand for mercenaries..

Campbell: Today, the world’s wars depend largely on PMCs, private military companies whose business includes supplying these mercenaries.

Campbell: PMCs have become a serious threat to the world.

Snake: The U.S. has exported too much of its military power. Now she’s paying the price.

Campbell: In total, they’ve got enough manpower to rival the U.S. military.

Campbell: Based on our investigation, the five largest PMCs are run by a dummy corporation, which acts a single mother company.

Snake: And the mother company…?

Campbell: Outer Heaven.

Snake: The one world in which soldiers will always have a place.

Make of that what you will….

If you can understand Japanese then you can download the podcast from here:

Hideo Blog – Kojima Productions Report Session:15

Hideo Blog – Audio Clip Translation


  • Gary

    I can’t wait to see MGS4 at E3. Whenever I think about it the theme tune springs into my head.

    I’ve even got the theme on my MP3 player along with Snake Eater…..

  • …

    kojima really does know how to tease. first the radio cast about the mgs movie, then this.