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Just 3 Days to a new Controller |

PS3 ControllerE3 in May of 2005 saw the introduction of the PS3 concept controller. Dubbed the boomerang by the press because of its weapon-like shape, it came under a lot of criticism. Mostly because people didn’t like the look of the thing. Nobody that I’ve heard of has ever held the thing, so nothing can really be said about how comfortable it is. So yeah, basically everybody hates it because of how it looks.

Personally, I didn’t think it looked too bad. But I want more than just a cosmetic change! I want extra functionality in Sony’s new PS3 controller. Sure they’re going to be wireless and might have a connector for a headset. But I mean I want something new that will improve how you play games. Like triggers!

Well, we only have a few days to wait, as E3 starts next week and Sony has their big press conference on Monday. What are you hoping for in the new controller?

  • Gary

    Why is it that when someone mentions the new controller the first thing that people want is triggers.

    How exactly do triggers improve the way you play games?

    I’m just curious because the only joypad I’ve used that had a trigger was with the Gamecube & I never felt like it was a superior joypad to the PS2’s.

  • thomas

    If it’s gonna be wireless, i definitelly want it to be rechargable, and long-lasting!
    I do like triggers, like in San andreas on Xbox, you can control the speed of the vehicle with the triggers.
    And i’d also like to use it as a DVD remote!

  • Yup, one of my favourite genres is racing games, and the Xbox’s triggers are much better for acceleration and braking than the PS2’s analog joytick.

  • Gary

    Manual gear changing you mean? I’m an auto gear man myself. I prefer good old X for accelerating and square for breaking.

  • No, I’m not talking about gear changing. I’m talking about nice analog control over brakes and gas. Full gas and full brake aren’t the best way to win a race, and while the analog stick is better than two face buttons, it’s not as good as two triggers. Not by a long shot.

  • Gary

    Hmm well I’ve never used triggers to play a racing game before so maybe if the new controller ends up with triggers I can try it out for myself….

  • Black Guy

    Realistically there is only so much functionality that u can u include in a controller b4 it starts look’n like a universal remote. The available functions that can be considered limited by its shape & size. Unless Sony introduces a radical redesign as Nintendo did, the controller can’t include much more.

    Maybe an expansion port to add additional devices & functions might b nice.

  • You can just change L2 and R2 to triggers, like the Xbox 360 controller.

  • Gary

    Hmm I’m beginning to think that Henning likes his triggers…..

  • Leo

    It already looks like Sony will be playing copycat with xbox live, so why not copy another thing that made the xbox so good: great-feeling, smooth-slidding TRIGGERS for at least R2 and L2, if not all shoulder buttons.

  • Gosh it’s not like Microsoft didn’t copy the placement of the R1 and L1 buttons.

    And not to get into a big debate, but I don’t think Sony is copying Microsoft more than any new car manufacturer would be copying GM. All cars have wheels, engines, steering wheels, etc.

    And online service has matchmaking, buddies, etc. And it’s not only in Xbox Live. Lots of those kind of features are in PC games too.

  • Tom

    I would absolutly love to see a button on the controller than can turn on the system wirlessly, like the 360. I know, i’m lazy but it would be cool.

  • Matt

    It should be more like the 360 controller. The PS controller for 1 and 2 was great but gaming needs to evolve. Controllers need to evolve. The old PS3 controller looked like a cosmetical change but the button layout was the same. We shall see very soon now.