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New Poll: Mercenaries 2 on PS2 or PS3? |

I had a very heated debate today with a friend from work & it all began after I told him about Mercenaries 2. His point of view is that they should do Mercenaries 2 on PS2 using the game engine from the original Mercs. His reasoning is that it would give people who haven’t got a PS3 the chance to play Mercs 2.

My view is that they can’t do a PS2 version of Mercs 2 as it is being built from top to bottom with next-gen hardware in mind. So if they did do Mercs 2 on PS2 using the original Mercs 1 engine but with the story from Mercs 2 then you would be basically paying £30 for the same game as the original Mercenaries but with a different story.

I say NO!! The point of a sequel is to improve on the original by adding new gameplay elements, improved graphics etc yet Pandemic has said they couldn’t do anymore with Mercenaries on PS2. My friend says it’s for the people who won’t have a PS3 & it gives them the chance to play Mercs 2. He say’s people deserve a choice. Well I say if they haven’t got a PS3 and they really want to play the game then they have two choices, get a PS3 or do without.

So should Pandemic do Mercenaries 2 for PS3 AND PS2, wasting man hours & development time on hard-wear which has reached it’s potential or should they create the game that they want to create using the superior power of the PS3 hard-wear?

* Mercenaries 2 on PS3

* Mercenaries 2 on PS2

* Mercenaries 2 on PS2 & PS3

Previous Poll results:

What game are you looking forward to the most at E3?

* MGS4: 32% (59)
* Resi 5: 4% (8)
* Killzone: 24% (45)
* Devil May Cry 4: 5% (9)
* MotorStorm: 8% (14)
* GT5: 11% (21)
* Heavenly Sword: 4% (7)
* Other: 12% (23)

Total Votes : 186

  • observer

    That’s a no-brainer. You probably just wanted to show your friend a unanimous vote. Although you are running the poll on a PS3 blog. If you ran this on a people-who- stay-behind- the-technology- curve-blog- but-play- an-occasional-game blog, you’d get different results.

  • Gary

    The poll was his idea. I was just going to blog about some of his crazy remarks like his “the only type of game that can showcase the true power of the PS3 to it’s full potential is FPSers” & “3rd person perspective games will look OK compared to their PS2 counterparts but won’t use the full power compared to a FPS” meaning MGS4, Resi 5, Mercenaries 2 etc won’t look incredible on PS3 compared to FPS no.1263.

    He is biased towards FPSers in general anyway. My point is that all types of games be they FPS, 3rd person, driving games, will eventually use up the maximum amount of power that the PS3 has available so no one genre will utilise the PS3’s power & showcase it more than others.

    It’s down to the developers to get the best out of the hardware not which genre will be able to.

  • I have to disagree with you Gary. I think that some types of games stress the hardware a lot more than others. Take a look at Guitar Hero. It’s a really really great game. But does it stress the PS2 to its limits? I don’t think so. Burnout Takedown probably does a lot more to give my PS2 a headache than Guitar Hero does, unless you count the volume of noise coming from my stereo. 🙂

  • Gary

    Yes I agree but he’s saying that a FPS like Killzone stresses the PS2 more than a game like GTA: San Andreas or God of War simply because it’s a FPS. I’m well aware that various games don’t utilise the PS2’s full potential but that isn’t down to the genre of game it’s down to the developer.

  • observer

    I was thinking of Guitar Hero as an example as well. It definitely isn’t a hardware limited game. Even the PS1 hardware could probably have supported such a title. So what did hold back such titles from coming out earlier? Why didn’t we see Guitar Hero during the PS1 generation and why has the music rhythm genre only recently begun to take off? Two reasons:

    – Gameplay innovations occur incrementally over generations of titles as developers experiment with different techniques and learn what works and what doesn’t.
    – Technology that was previously possible has gotten much easier. The 3D graphics, user interface, and game logic that was used to build Guitar Hero had been possible with earlier technology but was more cutting edge and required more effort from a narrower pool of skill-specialized developers. Now, the same functionality can be implemented much more quickly with better middleware, a better developer knowledge base, and can be performed by developers from a much wider talent pool. They were able to focus on the application of the technology rather than merely the technology itself.

    The impact of a new generation of technology is very clear to forsee with technology centric titles such as FPS’s or MGS4 or GTA. But this new generation will also contribute to less technology centric gameplay innovations such as Guitar Hero; the impact is just harder to forsee.

  • Rome total War God

    what you said Gary about not bothering about doing a ps2 version of a ps3 game is just plain stupid. Not everyone can afford a ps3. And the idea of doing without is daft to. If people can’t afford a ps3, Then they should have the option of getting a ps2 version. Look at the xbox 360, Advanced warfighter is availible on ps2, Xbox and pc and 360. So as far as your concerned, As soon as the ps3 is out, Everyone should bin there ps2 and get a ps3. People have better things to spend there money on than a games console. Not even giving them a choice. you natzi.

    One other thing. If you think that developers won’t bother doing a ps2 version of a ps3 game, then your crazy. there must be some 100000000 ps2 consoles out there, there not going to pass up on such possible sales like that. And like i said before, Not everyone can afford a ps3 that could be around £400 and a possible £50 a game.

    What you said gary is so daft, I’m not going to bother to waste anymore time on the subject.

  • Gary

    Hmm so I’m a Nazi (no T in Nazi by the way) because I would prefer a developer to create a game that matches his vision, using superior hardwear, rather than waste development time on hardwear that has reached it’s peak, milking a franchise purely for financial gain? 🙄

  • Rome total War God

    My mistake, your right, No t in nazi.

    What are you on, Of corse they’ll milk it for financial gain. It’s all about making money, these developers have share holders that don’t give a monkeys about someones vision. There out to make money, plain and simple.

    Come out of the clouds gary. This is the real world, Not your fantasy.

  • Gary

    So Hideo Kojima is a capitalist is he? He should put MGS 4 on the PS2 simply for the poor people who won’t have a PS3. 🙄 Going by your theory then every PS3 game should be also made for the PS2 just to maximise sales. In fact why even have a PS3 in that case. Tell Ken Kutaragi to scrap the PS3 because there’s 100m PS2’s in existence. So the PS3 isn’t needed.

    If people haven’t got a PS3 & they want to play a game then it’s a very simple choice GET A PS3. I mightn’t get a PS3 at launch & there will be games that I want to play on the PS3 but I won’t go around crying “why can’t they put that game on PS2! It’s not fair!!!”. I’ll wait until I get a PS3 to play the games I want.

  • Greg

    I agree with Rome, they should have a version for both PS2 and PS3. That doesn’t mean they have to do that for every game. Mercs was a very popular game on PS2 and the profit for a sequel would be huge. However, some people do not have the money to buy a PS3 for one game they want. It would be a smart move to launch a PS2 and PS3 version. So Gary stop being such an extremist. Don’t “scrap the PS3” just because you are trying to win an argument. And you seem to be oblivious to the concept of capitalism. The video game business isn’t all visions and fantasies.

  • Djl 831

    I agree with Rome too. Mercs2 should be on Ps2 and Ps3.I have a Ps2 and i saw the trailer for Merc2. It was freaking cool. Gary shut up and scrap those gay Ps3.

  • Djl 831

    The video game business is about money,make people happy,and again money.The first Mercenaries was a hit for the Ps2. They should pt it on both Ps2 and Ps3