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Tony Hawk’s Project 8 |

Thanks to Thomas for bringing this to my attention. 🙂

I remember when Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater made it’s debut on PSone, man I spent hours every day pulling tricks, doing sick jumps etc & I loved every minute of it. I subsequently played all the THPS games right up until Tony Hawk’s Underground & that’s where I felt the series lost sight of what made the first 3 THPS games so great. They tried to make it into an adventure & adding a story & cars (cars in a skateboarding game just doesn’t go) when it’s all about the tricks & combos baby!!!

There’s very little info about the title but 1up does have some screenshots of Tony Hawk’s Project 8 (they have to change the name surely) & they say the June issue of Official US PlayStation Magazine has a preview of the game.

You can also check out this supposed test footage of next-gen Tony Hawk:

You Tube – Next-Gen Tony Hawk Test Footage

1up – Tony Hawk’s Project 8

  • whooaaaa that test footage is amazing !!!! did you se the way the skater replaced his feet before he ollies – and the lighting and shadows of his arms, i’m going crazy! This will be the first game i’m gonna buy for my PS3 !!!


  • Quoting some guy that posted this in the YouTube comments:

    i seriously hope that’s not the actual speed of the game- i mean, realistic is great but thats slower than a 90 year old- who’s dead

    Au Contraire dude! i hope it stays like that. More realism is better!

  • Gary

    Yeah I agree Thomas I want more realism & less of the Jackass stuff that featured in THUG & Wasteland. The series was at it’s greatest during THPS 3.