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New Poll: Graphics Generation Leap |

Here’s a simple question, but I think the answer’s not so simple. Do you think that the leap in quality of game graphics going from PS2 to PS3 will be greater than or less than the leap from PS1 to PS2?

  • PS1 to PS2 Greater.
  • PS2 to PS3 Greater.

I’ve been reading stuff recently that seems to suggest that the leap from PS1 to PS2 was a more dramatic one than the one we’re going to see now, especially considering that a lot of the horsepower of the PS3 will be used to push more pixels onto HD displays instead of to improving visuals in other ways.

What do you think? As always, vote in the sidebar here at, and don’t forget to post a comment saying why you voted that way.

Results from the last poll:

Mercenaries 2: What platform?

* PS2 Only: 0% (0)
* PS3 Only: 59% (29)
* Both PS2 and PS3: 10% (5)
* I don’t care.: 31% (15)

Total Votes : 49

  • Gary

    Crikey that’s one hell of a question Henning…..

    To answer your question I think the graphical leap was greater from PSone to PS2. My reasons are based on comparing games like Black, God of War, Resi 4, games which were created towards the end of the consoles lifespan, with games that appeared at the end of the PSone’s life. You asked do you “think” but it’s really difficult to do that as the PS3 isn’t here yet & I haven’t played a game on a PS3 myself nor have I seen anybody else play a fully playable game on PS3. So I have nothing to compare them with.

    If Killzone turns out to be playable with the exact same graphics as the E3 2005 vid then I will change my mind because that will be a 1st gen game on the PS3 so imagine what games will be like 2 to 3 years down the line IF Killzone turns out to be that graphically incredible.

    You have to take into account the graphics of the games that were created around 3+ years into a consoles life as that is when developers have fully gotten to grips with the hardwear. Games like Black, God of War pushed the PS2 to it’s maximum. That’s when comparisons can be made.

    So er I don’t really know. 😕