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Surprise E3 PS3 Announcements |

E3Sony’s pre-E3 press conference is just 2 days away & as always there will be some surprise announcements regarding software for the PS3. What do you think will be the surprise announcement for the PS3 at E3?

My tips are 1 of these 5 games will be unveiled & playable on PS3: FFXIII, GTA 4 (PS3 exclusive), Half-Life 2, World of Warcraft & Shenmue 1,2 AND 3. I know I’m living in a dreamworld! 🙂

Over to you & it would be nice if some of the 100s who read this blog every day but don’t make their voices heard, could contribute to the discussion & share their views….

  • Michael

    GTA 4 in particular caught my eye and your right, this is a wish list! I wish that gta 4 will be playable at e3 06 too, I dault they’ll even have a trailer. If nothing else, I was to see Kill Zone playable and able pull off the AI and graphics that they showed last year. If I see that I’ll be happy. My e3 ps3 list that I expect to see at the show is:

    1. Tekken (playable on show floor)
    2. kill zone 2 (real-time playable during press conf.)
    3. the darkness (playable on show floor)
    4. sonic (playable on show floor)
    5. the getaway (real-time playable during press conf.)
    6. killing day (playable on show floor)
    7. dark sector (playable on show floor)
    8. heavenly sword (playable on show floor)
    9. 1-8 (playable on show floor)
    10. motor storm (real-time playable during press conf.)
    11. unreal tournament (playable on show floor)
    12. war hawk (playable at press conf.)
    13. brother in arms (playable at press conf.)
    14. eleveon (playable at press conf.)
    15. war devil (playable at press conf.)
    16. turok next (trailer)

    And I’m crossing my fingers for…

    1. fear (trailer)
    2. doom 3 (playable at press conf.)
    3. doom 3: resurrection (playable at press conf.)
    4. half-life 2 (playable at press conf.)


    I also hope that they have the playable fps games using a key board and mouse which is suppose to be supported for ps3. I am really looking forward to that feature. The Sony press conference has every reason to be huge.

  • I think NONE of these will be playable, but…

    FFXIII, there may be a trailer (as SQUENIX already said, they’re working on a sequel, which is very far in terms of completion…). SE isnt pretty known for revealing stuff outside Japan, regarding things as big as FF…

    WoW? Don’t think it will EVER come anytime soon… Blizz is not known for big surprises… I think, they’re a pretty lame, regarding community and stuff (I am an ex wow player btw)

    Half Life 2? Dont think so either. Who would want a 2 year old game on a brand new console? I’m not too sure, what the source engine is capable of, but iirc its specialized for DX, which is not directly portable to OpenGL (or HLSL or C-G).

    Shen Mue? Dunno, not too popular in Germany, but that doesnt count anything (i mean, i never played them, so i dont know anything bout that)… Isnt Shen Mue a Sega game? Didnt Sega already reveal its lineup (ok surpriseeffekc again but… whatever)

    GTA 4? Now you’re talking my language. Playable? Rather not. Trailer? Maybe we feel lucky… I’d love to see one!

    What i think may be at E3 (playable) is:

    Tekken 6
    Motorstorm (wasnt that already confirmed? I’D LOVE TO PLAY THAT!!!)
    Formula 1
    Some EA Sports games… (couldnt care less… Having bought all the 96ers for my pc… never again… Loved NBA and NHL back then, but the goalie was SOOOO GODDAMNED HARD)
    Command & Conquer 3?? (That’d be awesome… Got my bluetooth keyboard and mouse locked and loaded!!)
    Metal Gear Solid 4 (maybe not playable but interactive trailer, as seen on google video (finally available in germany too!))
    Ratchet & Clank (more unlikely playable to me)
    Unreal Tournament 2007

    Cant come up with anything more ATM… I’m rather tired, it is past 1 am here in good ol’ stuttgart, germany… Mortal Kombat 2 is on tv… Gotta love it 😀

  • 1. mgs4
    2. killzone (better be as good as the vid from last year)
    3. unreal tournament
    4. the club (sounds very interesting)

    not much of a list, but i want to be surprised 🙂

  • Many times I have seen news where said company claims to have a surprise and I have been unimpressed so I expect this will be just another one of those times.

  • Gary

    I would want Half-Life 2 on the PS3 despite it being an old PC game. I don’t play games on PC & they ported it to the Xbox if I remember correctly so they should be able to port it the PS3.

    Koorb, no company has said there will be surprises at E3 it’s just common knowledge that every year at E3 there is always surprise announcements & this year will be no different.

  • Press con ———————–
    Killzone [realtime/ingame trailer]
    MGS4 [realtime/ingame trailer]
    RES4 [realtime/ingame trailer]
    GT Vision [realtime/ingame trailer]
    FFXIII [realtime/ingame trailer]
    FFVII [realtime/ingame trailer]
    Jak and Daxter [realtime/ingame trailer]
    Ratchet and clank [realtime/ingame trailer]

    Playable —————————-
    Formula 1
    The Darkness
    BIA Hell’s Highway
    Resistance Fall of man
    Untold Legends
    The Outsider
    Heavenly Sword
    Assassin’s Creed
    Armored Core
    Alone in the Dark
    Fatal Inertia
    Rayman Raving Rabbits
    Tony Hawk
    Fifa world cup
    Rainbow six
    Ridge Racer
    Unreal Tournament
    The Getaway

  • Michael

    Gary, people keep saying that Half-Life 2 and Doom 3 are old games, but those games are still very much on par with what graphics are like now, and I think that since those games are some of the best that the pc offers right now, it would be an easy sale on the ps3 as a launch title because they are already finished. Let’s not forgte that fear is coming to the xbox 360 soon.

  • Gary

    Michael I agree. The same goes with F.E.A.R. I would like that on PS3 aswell as the 2 you mentioned.

  • Gary

    I think if FFVII is at the show it will be playable.

  • coolbreeze06

    WOW….world of warcraft!! That would be big!!! I would wanna play FFVII!