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Final Fantasy XIII Confirmed For PS3!! |

OMG!! It was true after all!!!!

Final Fantasy XIII was unveiled at Square Enix’s press conference & they showed a trailer for it:

At Square Enix’s press conference at E3 in Los Angeles, the company officially announced Final Fantasy XIII for the PlayStation 3. Square Enix then proceeded to show a trailer from the game, in which a female protagonist is seen flying around a city. The game is being created by the same team behind Final Fantasy X. The game runs on the “White Engine” and was originally planned for the PlayStation 2 but was later moved to the PS3.

I was following the live feed at Gamespot & I was hoping for a FFVII remake announcement but….

Aww the press conference is finished & there was no mention of FFVII remake. God I nearly had a heart attack following that. It was taking ages to update & I couldn’t bare the tension of not knowing what was coming next! 😮

Gamespot – Square Enix Press Conference


EDIT: SPONG has images up of FFXIII: SPONG – FFXIII Images

  • WonderSteve

    Wow..that looks really nice. I look forward to it. I was actually think MS may try really hard to get this on XBOX 360. Looks like Sony will still be going pretty strong this generation.

    The amount of budget they put on Final Fantasy makes it always going to be a decent game at least. I like VII and X the most, I am glad to hear that the same direction is working on XIII