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New Controller: Do I Have my Triggers? |

So the new controller is unveiled, and its silver, wireless, and has yaw, pitch, and roll motion sensitivity. The vibration functionality has been removed because it interferes with the motion sensors, which makes sense. I’ll miss the vibration, but not much. The motion sensitivity is cool and all, but here’s another interesting tidbit:

The shape of L2/R2 buttons located on the top of the controller has also been enlarged with increased depth in stroke for more subtle control in games.

Do I finally have my triggers? DO I FINALLY HAVE MY TRIGGERS? I DON’T KNOW! This description is tantalizingly close to describing the triggers that I want. What do you guys think?

PR Newswire – SCE Announces New Controller for PLAYSTATION(R)3

PS3 ControllerEdit:

Leandro wrote in with what looks to be an authentic picture of the new PS3 controller, though it looks to be the wrong colour. And yes, those look like triggers!!!!


Thanks Leandro!

Edit: (thanks Gary)

IGN has a review of the controller and they seem to like it. No mention is made of the triggers. They did point out that there are lights on the controller that I didn’t notice (I was too busy looking at the triggers) for showing which player the controller belongs to. They also point out the “Guide” button in the center of the controller, which is new.

So it looks like Sony is borrowing some ideas from Microsoft and Nintendo for their new controller. But personally I don’t care. This is how things work. Microsoft borrowed from the Dreamcast controller for their triggers. And there have been other controllers out there with motion sensitivity besides the Wii’s.

What it comes down to is that Sony improved their controller. It’s simply better than the previous one, and you can do more with it. You’ll have more fun playing games, and that’s what counts.

IGN – PS3 Controller

  • Black Guy

    Motion sensitivity in the controllers!? Man, there goes 1/2 of Wii’s controller advantage right there. iKnew Sony was going to 1up everyone. iWish MS had done something more innovative w/ their controllers; something like this. Its a great controller to hold though…

  • observer

    Honestly, triggers and wireless aren’t a big deal to me. But it won’t have vibration?

  • Observer: you’re my opposite! 🙂

    I had a third party wireless controller for the PS2 and I loved it until it broke! 🙁 At my friend’s place we play Xbox 360 games and we all love the wireless. Have you used a wireless controller for more than just a couple minutes? It’s hard to describe how great it is.

    As far as the triggers go, you’re probably not a racing fan (I’m guessing). But again, playing racing games on my friend’s Xbox 360 is much nicer with the triggers than with buttons or analog joystick. There’s really no comparison.

    And as far as rumble goes – I can live without it. Most of the time I just find it distracting. There are a few games that used it well, but I’ll take the trigger/wireless/motion sensitive versus rumble tradeoff any day.

  • Steve

    I like the triggers too, although I probably haven’t been making maximum use of them. I’ll have to double-check that next time I’m racing and have triggers available.

    I’m more interested in how the motion sensors will play out. Nintento promises to eliminate the button-pushing version of swordfighting, but I foresee an awful lot of accidental injuries if swinging a sword requires actually swinging the controller! Our 4-player game setups usually don’t leave a lot of elbow room!

  • Steve

    Er, NintenDO, that is…

  • Matt

    I love dual shock. Developers could throw in all kinds of warnings with dual shock. It really sucks that they took it out.

    Outside of maybe 5% of games will the motion sensors be a great advantage. Watching the Warhawk demo didn’t really impress me. It looked like the man developing the game had a hard time controlling it. I guess with use you could get used to it though.

    I have never been into controllers with limited use. Sterring wheels are cool but I never got into them. It just doesn’t feel right. I am really curious to see what games are being developed to take advantage of their new controller.