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Sony PS3 Conference: Price and Dates! |

There will be two SKU’s for the PS3! They are 20GB and 60GB versions of the PS3.

Here are the release dates:

Japan: Novemeber 11
20GB 59,800 yen
60GB open price

North America: Novemeber 17
20GB $499US $549Cdn
60GB $599US $659Cdn

Europe: November 17th
20GB 499 Euros
60GB 599 Euros, including VAT

Two million during launch
Another two million by Dec 31st.
Another two million by March 31st.

  • Matt

    No the 360 was $399.99 at launch. It is in fact $100 more expensive.

  • WonderSteve

    Hee…in’s only 50 dollars more expensive than the XBOX 360. A pretty good deal if you ask me

  • sahdow

    Hey well it couldave been worse. I dont know which one to get I am leaning towards the 500 doller one so that i can get some games with it.

  • Matt is referring to a mistake I made which I immediately removed, but he caught! Doh! Anyway, I mentioned that the 20GB version was the same price as the Xbox 360. But I remembered the real price and took it down, hoping nobody would notice. But you guys are too fast!

  • Man that price is steep.

  • WonderSteve

    Oh yeah..I forgot to say. It wouldn’t be a bad time for MS to cut 360’s price at that time. If they cut the price and have some pretty good Japanese games, I may pick it up instead of the PS3

  • I agree Hiro. Expensive. But that $100 price premium over the Xbox 360 gets you a BD player, compact flash reader, HDMI outputs, and a controller with motion sensing.

  • WonderSteve

    Another thing…if you include the price of the wireless adaptor for the 360. PS3 and 360 is pretty much the same price

  • I guess so, but still, thats alot of money for anything, Microsoft has an opportunity to drop the price of the Xbox 360 and really take of advantage of this high price point.

    All of these things that you list aswell henning are optional, and alot of people don’t need, a high-definition dvd drive, wireless etc. with the Xbox 360 its all optional, so you dont have to pay for anything you dont need.

  • Matt

    Funny. I thought I was seeing things and thought I was being a jerk. Long day I guess. I was like “I know he wrote that on here?”. Felt 80 for a minute.

  • Matt

    I expect MS to drop the Core system and unleash the 20gig for $299 and a 60gig for $399. The HD-DVD drive will either be $100-$150. This makes the 360 cheaper and more customizable. You buy what you want/need.

    I wasn’t really blown away but also wasn’t dissappointed. One thing I found curious was no mention of GTA. If they had them I think they would have mentioned something.

    Is anyone excited about a motion sensing controller? I have friends who might like it because they already move the controller when they play (like it helps). If I wanted a workout I wouldn’t be playing games. I guess their will be some cool applicatoins but nothing I would play more than 5% of the time.

    Sony is very lucky they have the insane user base they do. If this was Xbox they would be getting killed.

  • Leo

    I’ve been poring over several news sites this evening, and there’s no a peep about motion sensing anything. Can anyone link me? I expected the PS3 to be about 450-500 USD, but that was when Sony talking about a 60GB HDD as being “standard” during GDC. Try an experiment: goto and look at how much a 20gb and 60gb HDD actually costs in RETAIL. The manufacturing price is half that! Charging an extra 100 bucks for a measely 40gb is just as scandalous as buying a 20gb HDD for the xbox360 for 100 dollars. I bet most sane people will buy the 20gb version so they can afford a game or two, because it still is an amazing package for 500USD.

  • Leo: take a look at my post about the controller.

  • Leo

    Whoops, you’re doing such a fine job of keeping the website updated that I missed that post by seconds! It really looks to me like we have our triggers, especially considering they say: “precision of above information detection (L2/R2, analog joy stick) has been increased from 8 bit to 10 bit.” Surely they would increase the precision of the L2/R2 along with the analog stick only if they are both analog. The 6 degrees of movement detection sounds inticing, but I’ll wait til I see how it really works in games before I’m sold on it; after all, what if my arm gets bumped unexpectedly or I need to rest my arms on a chair armrest?

  • Matt

    Check this out.

    The $499 version does not have HDMI! It also has no memory stick/SD/compact flash. The Blu-Ray drive is 2x (across the board)

    What the hell are they thinking. This means for Blu-Ray movie playback you need to buy the more expensive PS3!

  • Matt

    It also has no Wifi!!!

  • observer

    I don’t follow. Why do you need the more expensive version for Blu-Ray movie playback? I assume you can just output the video signal through s-video or component or something else if you don’t use HDMI.

  • I can’t beleive sony would strip hdmi from the cheaper model. Blu-ray is their baby and the last thing they need is rumors about how their main flagship isn’t fully compatible with the discs.

    I say rumors because for the general public, they don’t know hdcp or hdmi, they’ll just know some guy said the ps3 doesn’t have everything you need for the whatchamacallit bloooooray

  • BTW, whatever happened to that second HDMI output? Even the $600 model doesn’t have it.

  • Gary

    I’ll be going for the £400 60GB & I think that’s a reasonable price for what you’re getting.

  • Gary

    Actually I think I need to know which games will be available at launch before I make a decision because for £400+ plus games & other accessories that’s a lot of money.

    I’m willing to wait however.

  • You don’t need the HDMI output for BD movies that don’t use the Image Constraint Token. The majority of movies will not use the ICT for now. But that may change. If you DO end up with a movie with the ICT flag turned on, you’ll still be able to watch it through the component outputs, but the resolution will be restricted to 960 x 540 instead of 1920 x 1080. That’s one quarter of the resolution.

  • but it was supposed to have HDMI so you didn’t have to worry about that. it was supposed to have TWO HDMI. now, you’ve got to pay $600 for one?

    Sony should have at least had the balls for one of their chairmen to stand up and say out loud that it only had one hdmi port and that there were other features missing from the cheaper version. the pos-conference interviews should be very interesting.

  • Oh yes, I agree with you 100%. That they’re leaving out WiFi and memory card readers from the less expensive version wasn’t mentioned either, and I think that this too was wrong.

    Sony should have been up front about the differences and they weren’t.

  • Black Guy

    X360 core can b had 4 $299 which was available @ launch and $399 which got u a couple of more items. If u don’t desire such things, U can get the core.

  • observer

    Actually, the price isn’t bad. On paper, it’s $200 more than the 360 list price. But remember, when the 360 launched, it was typically sold in forced bundles to artificially raise the price to $700-$800, and those still sold out and sold on eBay for $1000+. And the two PS3 versions are more well equipped than the 360 versions.

    Hopefully a higher price and a higher supply will avoid major shortages.

  • As someone on HDBeat pointed out, if you take the 20GB Xbox 360, add a WiFi adapter, HD DVD add-on, and memory card adapter (all things you get in the 60GB PS3), you get a price that’s more than the 60GB PS3!

  • Black Guy

    HD DVD and the WiFi adapter r luxuries; u don’t need those. And if u have the 20GB HD, then u don’t need a memory card. If u’r trying to match feature for feature, then we need to know the price of the HD DVD player which hasn’t been announced yet; or has it? iThink its ironic that the PS3 is launching w/ 2 SKU after MS was attacked from all fronts for doing the same.

  • Yeah, I agree. I was really shocked to see that Sony will have two units on sale. It goes against what they previously said, and that’s bad mojo in my book.

    As to the extras, for me personally they’re all things I like. I like the memory card reader because I have memory cards. I have a PSP so having my PS3 and PSP talk wirelessly will be fun. And of course I”m looking forward to HD moving on BD.

    And while you’re right that we don’t know the price of the HD DVD addon for the 360 yet, I can’t imagine Microsoft selling it for less than $100. Add-ons is where they make a lot of money and Microsoft has little incentive to lose money on the device. This assumes, of course, that an HD DVD drive will be an expensive peripheral cost-wise. But I think that’s a safe assumption. If I’m wrong, you can call me out on it! Anyways, $100 or so seems to be the current rumour anyway, so I’m just going with that.

  • Matt

    If HD-DVD wins people will be less inclined to buy a PS3. If Ms sells the HD-DVD player for $100 or less it makes the 360 combo cheaper. It also makes the system easier to purchase since the HD-DVD player is only useful to HDTV owners. MS will sell it as cheap as they can because Sony losing the DVD format war could result in MS winning the console war.

    The only way I know 1080p is possible is through HDMI. This may not matter right now but in 3-5 years it might then 1080p HDTVs are readily available.