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Sony to Lose Money on PS3 Launch |

Here’s some news that’ll make you say “Well duh!” Sony will lose money on the launch of the PS3!

I know I know. You can pick up your jaw from the ground before something six-legged crawls in. Sony expects to spend a lot of money on the PS3, just as Microsoft did with the 360.

According to Reuters, Sony SVP, Takao Yuhara, stated: “We believe that we can lower costs dramatically (on the PS3) through chip shrinkage and by cutting the number of parts but there is no way to avoid high costs in the first year.”

But I gotta wonder how they will spend their money differently than Microsoft did. Will they hold a big party and invite news media (including bloggers), like Microsoft did? If they’re paying for the plane ticket, I’ll be there! Somehow I doubt it though. Big PS3 launch parties? Commercials on TV? Product placement in shows and movies? Promotions in stores? What else?

Frankly, I don’t think they really need to do much except (a) produce a lot of consoles and (b) make sure there are several top-notch games at launch. Does Sony really have to do more than that? – Sony forecasts massive financial loss on PS3 launch

  • Gary

    Like you said as long as Sony produces a high amount of consoles on a consistent basis & at least 5 decent games at launch then I will be happy. The one I would like is a proper preorder system from Sony to prevent a similar fiasco to what we saw with the 360 launch.