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Unreal Tournament 2007. IGN Talks To Epic |

IGN has a very interesting interview with Epic’s Mark Rein & Jeff Morris and it’s all about Unreal Tournament 2007. It’s 4 pages worth so I recommend you check it out.UT 2007

They say that vehicles could play an important part in the console version of UT2007 & that they might do some exclusive content for the console version but might port those features over to the PC version at a later date.

There’s two points that I would like to quote that I found very interesting:

IGN: What are the different online capabilities of the PS3 vs. the PC? Often times you see lower player counts on consoles compared to PC games.

Mark Rein: To be honest, we don’t really know right now. Sony has hinted that the system is going to be completely open. Player counts, for instance, are usually a function of the server capacity and not the client capacity. Unless your graphics are so complex for each character that you can’t render 30 of them together that’s not your limitation. It’s usually outgoing server bandwidth as well as server power. So the amount of memory and single threaded CPU power are very critical. Presumeably if the system is completely open, we can host games off of the biggest baddest PC servers we can build. That indicates that we should have the same capabilities unless we have to go through some router or some special Sony thing so we just don’t have enough details right now to be certain.

Sony still hasn’t decided on it’s online plans yet & they don’t have a lot of time left to get it sorted & games are getting delayed because of it.

IGN: Lastly, we were just curious about your thoughts about whether you’ll be going the way of Bethesda and charging for downloadable content or if you’ll stick with your history and give it away for free?

Mark Rein: We’ve built our reputation on giving content away for free and giving back to our customers and keeping them coming back and playing and I don’t see us changing that anytime soon.

Now that’s what I want to hear more of!!! Free downloadable content. I’m 100% against paying for extra content via downloads no matter what it is. I’ve paid enough for the game & I don’t like the idea of paying for more content on top of the cost of the game.

IGN – UT2007 Interview

  • You’re against paying for content no matter what it is?

    err…downloaded content.

    err…downloaded additional content.

    so no matter WHAT the original game was, if the developer later creates something additional, if it’s not free, you don’t want it.

    no matter what it is? at all?

    that’s a pretty hard line to draw in the sand and I think it will be interesting to see what you choose when that is actually an option for you. For example I purchased the halo 2 additional maps when they came out because they added functionality to a game I had already spent 100’s of hours playing. If I hadn’t felt like I had already gotten my moneys worth out of the original game or that the additinoal maps were worth it I wouldn’t have bought them, but I would never say never (again).

  • Gary

    I’ve made myself pretty clear. I’m against paying for additional content on top of what I have already paid for the game. For a start games on PS3 will be around the £50-£60 mark & that is WAY too much in my opinion anyway never-mind paying for extra content on top of that initial outlay.

    Even if the game was my favourite game (possibly GTA 4 or DMC4 for example) & they offered new weapons, skills, vehicles or whatever then they should be free to download.

    If you’re willing to pay for extra content then fine but I won’t be doing that regardless of what the content could be.

  • I was just looking at the images for UT2007 and I really wish that they were marked as being in-game or not. Some of them definitely look in-game, and they look amazing. Hopefully they’re the real deal.

  • Gary

    I guess we will know very shortly. Ooohhh excitement overload!!!!

  • I don’t quite understand that logic.

    I’d certainly like to not pay for anything extra either, but sometimes you have to. At the end of the day, I bought the game with the content that was on the disc. I didn’t purchase any and all future developments or add-ons they might create.

    As long as the additional content is worthwhile and optional (i.e. I don’t have to buy it to remain competitive or keep playing online), I have no problem with it costing.

    Anything thats a bugfix or an unlock of of something already in the game should be free, because thats the stuff I paid for already.

  • one more thing, you won’t pay for downloadable content, but you would buy a sequel? There’s a possible contradiction there. They used the same engine for all the GTA 3/ VC/ SA games and charged you full price every time.

  • Gary

    The difference between GTA3/VC & SA was massive in each title. New cities, new storylines, new vehicles, new gameplay elements you can’t compare a full game sequel to little extras for a game you’ve already paid for.

  • The price was massive too. you can afford $60 for a game you may or may not like but not a buck or two to add to a game you know you like?

  • Gary

    I paid £30 for GTA San Andreas. I will find PS3 games for less than £50 aswell.