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Virtua Fighter 5. PS3 Exclusive!! |

SEGA has announced that Virtua Fighter 5 is coming to the PS3 & the PS3 only!

The game will be on display at SEGA’s E3 booth, although I don’t know if it will be playable or just in-game footage, & no release date has been announced.

You will be able to choose from 17 fighters with 2 new additions, El Blaze and Eileen, to add to the characters from previous Virtua Fighter games.

Once again SEGA isn’t short of praise for one of it’s games, although this time it is based on fact:

“Virtua Fighter 5 is without doubt the ultimate fighting game,” commented Matt Woodley, Creative Director of SEGA. “I really think that this title epitomizes the fact that SEGA are ahead of our competitors in producing the very best next-generation games.”

One other point to add is that the game will support 720p for all you cool cats with HDTVs.

You can check out some vids of arcade footage from Virtua Fighter 5 at Kikizo:

Kikizo – Virtua Fighter 5 Arcade Footage – Virtua Fighter 5 PS3 Exclusive

  • I find it interesting you mention the game supports 720p. I thought the big marketing push for Sony was the fact that the PS3 and all games would do 1080p? Are some games not even going to support HD resolution?

  • Gary

    Henning knows more about High def than me but what I do know is that:

    1) There are very few TVs that support 1080p through HDMI & the TVs that do claim to support 1080p actually don’t support it through HDMI. When you do find a TV that does support “full High def” you will find that the prices at the moment are too high for them to be common in people’s living rooms.

    2) You will find that most games that are made will be 720p or 1080i at the most for the time being.

    So basically doing games that support 1080p would be a waste at the moment as very few people own “full High def” capable TVs.

    Henning is the HDTV expert so I’m sure he will be able to explain it a lot better than me.

  • 720p IS HD. There are three common HD formats: 720p, 1080i, and 1080p. The Xbox 360 supports 720p and 1080i (which will be more than enough for most people with HDTV’s). The PS3 supports 720p, 1080i, and 1080p.

    Only a few displays out there currently support 1080p inputs, but the list is growing.

  • In one of the Sony marketing presentations done by Phil in the past he said only 1080p is “TrueHD”. I understand that 720p is HD and I am quite happy with 720p. I just thought it was an interesting revelation given Sony’s recent marketing speak.

  • Gary

    Yeah that’s all it is marketing speak. There’s been a lot of confusion & criticism levelled at Sony because of that “True HD” misinterpretation.

    720p will do me (when I buy a HDTV!!) just fine.