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Comparing The Two PS3 SKUs |

PS3 SKUsClick the image and you can compare the two SKUs for the PS3.

I find the basic package a complete waste of time and I’m not too happy with Sony for following Microsoft by offering two SKUs. Phil Harrison criticised Microsoft for using this strategy last year & low & behold look what Sony have done.

I’m not too happy at all with this and the press conference last night seemed to be very poorly recieved. Did you notice how quiet the audience was as well? Didn’t seem to be a lot of positive reaction from the crowd either.

  • I have to agree with you Gary. The press conference didn’t show enough realtime game footage, and I think that’s why the crowd was so quiet. We’ve all seen prerendered stuff before. We want realtime!!!

    I’m quite happy with the new controller, as you can tell.

    The PS3’s price is a little on the steep side, but it’s livable.

    The two-SKU thing is a big disappointment.

    Only one HDMI output is a disappointment as well. But in the end I don’t think it will affect most people (including me) because they weren’t going to hook up the PS3 to two displays anyway. But Sony should have been honest about it and mentioned it in their press conference instead of just sticking it in the specs sheet.

  • Matt pointed out that they’re discussing the same thing over at HD Beat.

  • WonderSteve

    That’s just stupid on Sony’s part in my opinion..I may just wait until there is a price drop

  • Limpan

    Ther isn’t enough information regarding the output capabilities of the AV Multi OUT. Because, as the stated screen sizes ranging from 480i – 1080p is also stated for the 20GB version then perhapps it contains HDMI number 1. Then the extra HDMI in 60GB version is HDMI number 2.

    I’m curious how to interpret HDMI Nexgen.

    Perhapps the missing Memstick/SD/CF could be added via the USB addon.

  • hotcarl

    the the $499 PS3 = Total Garbage.
    Nobody wanted a Core 360, and you could upgrade it to be the exact same as the Premium.
    With PS3 though, there isn’t going to be a way to add the Memory card reader, wireless internet, or the HDMI port. (Maybe with external peripherals, but who’s going to do that?)

    I’ve preordered my PS3 already and if they try to give me the Low-end when i pick it up… I’ll walk right of the store.

  • Matt

    Sony needs a press release to clear up why they did the 2 systems so different. The 360 can be upgraded by adding a HDD. The PS3 cannot. This is just weird.