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Final Fantasy XIII Video |

Final Fantasy XIIIThere’s a part in this video which almost made me spill my Weetabix all over my keyboard & if it turns out to be what I think it is then….. 😮

The part I’m talking about is when it switches from CGI to what looks like in-game action with menus & HP damage. That was just incredible. I’m a huge FF fan & although I was very dissapointed that Square Enix didn’t mention a FFVII remake at their press conference, having watched the vid for FFXIII, I can say that the blow is not quite as deadly as it could’ve been.

IGN – FFXIII Square Enix Press Con Vid


  1. 13? FFXII is not even out yet and they have video for 13? What are they planning to release 13 in the near future? I don’t see 13 coming out for at least 2-3 years; maybe longer. And thats if 12 comes out in October like they plan. I guess they have 13 because it will be the first FF game for the PS3.

    I will have to admit from the video it looks like it will be good. Can’t wait!

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