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GTA 4 Announced!!!! |

GTA IVSomebody hold me!!!!! GTA4 has been announced today for the PS3 & Xbox 360. 😮

There was initial confusion that it was an Xbox 360 exclusive until it dawned on people that it was for both next-gen powerhouses.

You lucky guys in North America get the game October 16th 2007 while us in Europe has to wait a shocking 3 WHOLE days until October 19th 2007 to get our trembling hands on it. There is absolutely no info about the game at all though.


Aw man E3 is going to be off the charts!!!!!

Rockstar Games – GTA IV

  • Tom

    I was wondering when someone would post this. GTA4 is announced. Yes!!! I am a big fan of GTA San Andreas. But what city will they place it in and at what time? We need answers. But just the anouncement is already sweet.

  • Tom

    First and Second. Ohh Yeah!

  • Gary


  • Gary

    I was out so I didn’t even know it was announced until I got home mere minutes ago.

    God I’m going to fantasize about GTA IV now until some concrete info about the game is released.

    R* WE LOVE YOU!!!!

  • Alex

    So where is the city? Can you pop people? What are the guns? I can’t wait until the game comes out. Maybe it’ll be out sooner. It is going to be insane. i want to send a shout out to Erin and Kenny. Peace.

  • Already announced it at Gamespots forums 😀

    They got REALLY wild there!!

    Man, am I PISSED at Microsoft, they did, as if GTA4 was an 360 exclusive… But I think, the buzz now being “is it really for ps3 too?” helps Sony A BUNCH!

    Just watched a bit of the e3insder hd footage of sonys PC… Bad Angles, no direct trailer feed (meaning it is CAMMED FGS)… No REAL need to watch it exept for the better vid quality than GS offers…

    Man, my HDTV shall come next week… need to set it up and pretest it before PS3 (60gb pack) arrives 😀

  • observer

    I’m glad they announced it but Fall 2007 is a long ways away. I was expecting that date, but still.

    Too bad the GTA dev’s won’t get their wish. From an interview with Dan Houser in 2004:
    “The danger is currently the storage medium (DVD), and one we thing we’re all praying for in the next round of hardware is that they don’t just go, ‘It’s DVD again’.”

  • PJ

    Come on Henning…not even a casual mention that the 360 is going to have EXCLUSIVE episodic content and that the 360 version will launch same day as the PS3 version as opposed to months behind it like GTA3? Sony lost a big exlusive here and now they are actually behind thanks to the 360’s exclusive content…


  • Where should Sony have lost ANY exclusivity here?

    I for one had NONE episodic downloads for GTA 1-SA… Neither was any GTA title Sony exclusive (all got converted to SEVERAL systems)… Ok, not the first release were other systems, but NO exclusivity here anywhere!

    I am rather concerned bout the dvd vs. bdrom problem a dual release WILL have!

    I mean, GTA SA took full advantage of a DVD5 (4.35gb) and the max of a DVD9 (in 360) is 8.5GB… I think the PS3 version WILL suffer from it a LOT!

  • observer

    Why did Dan Houser say “We’re having to go to dual layer DVD because we’ve already filled up a full DVD.” regarding GTA:SA, yet the shipped title turned out to fill only a single-layer DVD and not use dual layer? I wonder if there is a problem or limitation that prevents dual layer use.

  • observer

    Where did you hear about exclusive 360 content? I don’t see mention of that on IGN or Rockstar’s site.

  • Super Slug

    I’m hearing the same thing. GTA4 will b exclusive to X360 for a little bit. I thought the game was suppose to come out this year. If not till next year then their goes my high right there. I wish MS could get that bitch ass Square-Enix to do more. That company should just outright sell themselves to Sony. I was peeping what X360 got coming later this year and they coming out the woodworks! I have never seen MS pulling moves like this. Could there b an upset this generation?

  • When will it end? One GTA was more than enough and they are all basically the same game.

  • Gary

    To PJ, Henning didn’t write this I did. There’s no confirmation anywhere that the downloadable content is exclusive to the 360. We will just have to wait until R* decide to share some info with us.

  • PJ

    Well, R* did share some information. According to the joint MS and R* press release:

    “Separately, Microsoft and Rockstar Games are proud to announce a
    strategic alliance to provide exclusive episodic content for Xbox Live(R),
    giving the community ever-expanding gameplay experiences that simply aren’t
    possible on other consoles.
    “Through Xbox Live, we have a unique opportunity to reach out to our
    audience in new ways,” said Sam Houser, executive producer and founder of
    Rockstar Games. “This strategic alliance allows us to craft experiences
    that fully leverage the on-demand distribution power and sheer size of Xbox

    Link is here.

  • Gary

    Yep & the game is around 18 months away so we will have to wait and see just what the differences are between the PS3 & 360 versions are.

    Anyway who cares. GTA IV HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED!! That’s all I care about. WOOHOO!!!