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PS3 in Black |

Yesterday Sony announced that their PS3 will be available in black. Here are some pics. Notice the that the back of the PS3 has fewer ports than we’ve previously seen. Click for larger images.

Top3/4RightFrontBottomBackLeft Side

  • That AV connector is interesting to say the least. It appear to simply be two prong. I love the logo mania on the one side. The most interesting would be possibly the bottom to see if features such as wi-fi and larger HD can be added to the lower priced version. From these pictures the ability to upgrade seems missing. Oh and where are the controller ports for charging?

  • Ooops. I forgot to add the left image. Now added. Take a look at the left image, and you see a little tab at the top, which looks to be a method of opening the machine.

    You recharge the controller through the USB ports on the front.

  • Yeah I was too quick to judge I saw it with only the 4 pics orginally. I now see the usb under the front edge. That door and the panel below it do look interesting. Can’t wait to have someone like Tom or Anand take it apart and see what is really going on inside. Did you see size / weight specs? It is bigger and heavier than the original XBox.

  • That’s big!

    PS3 Dimensions: Approximately 325mm (W) x 98mm (H) x 274mm (D)

    What were the Xbox dimensions?

  • This has the size and weight of Xbox and 360.

  • Michael

    I wonder if the ps3 will support the next gen audio formats, such as, dolby true hd, dolby plus and dts hd? Probably so.

  • Cool Brian. Taken from that article:

    Xbox 360: 309mm W x 83mm H x 258mm D
    Xbox: 320mm W x 101mm H x 260mm D

    So the PS3 is 5 mm wider than the Xbox, 3 mm shorter, and 14mm deeper.

    Yup! It’s a beast!

    Good thing I have lots of space.

  • Gary

    Hasn’t the PS3 not had the 7.1 removed & now only supports 5.1?

  • And where’s the HDMI output? Is this a pic of the 20GB model?

  • I am betting the AV out pictured is a universal plug similar to what MS did with Xbox and 360. You just attach a different cable to get the correct output. The missing HDMI out may only be a difference of what cable is included in the box.