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Sony and Microsoft Systems |

Your next-gen gaming options from Sony* and Microsoft, from least expensive to most. **

Xbox 360Xbox 360 Core System ($299)

IBM processor
DVD drive
Wired Controller
Xbox Live Silver (no online gaming), can buy Gold (online gaming)***

Xbox 360 System ($399)

Xbox 360 Core System Features Plus:
Wireless Controller

PS3PS3 Low-End ($499)

IBM/Sony processor
BD drive
Wireless Controller with Motion Sensing
PlayStation Network (online gaming)

PS3 High-End ($599)

PS3 Low-End System Features Plus:
60GB HDD instead of 20GB
MemoryStick/SD/CompactFlash Reader
HDMI output

* Note: Sony systems to be available in November.
** Note: Microsoft may change their pricing by the time the PS3 is released. Though I doubt it – I don’t see any reason why they should.
*** Note: I’ve corrected the Xbox Live stuff. Hopefully I’ve got it right now.

  • redZ

    I hopeits a joke and that MemoryStick… & HDMI will be part of the Low-End SKU, as for the price, you have to add a lot of $$$ the 360 for the HD-DVD external player.

    PS: Sorry for my bad english

  • Gary

    Both “core” systems are an absolute disgrace. I can’t express my anger at Sony for pulling a stunt like this.

    You can’t go around criticising a rival companies actions then go & follow suit without batting an eye. Hypocrites!

    The PS3’s “core” system is a joke. No HDMI out. No wifi. Crap & pointless HDD. No memory stick, Flash etc. AND for $500!

    I could happily accept the “premium” PS3 bundle at $599 on it’s own but that “core” package just spits in consumers faces!

  • Blue Spotted Frog

    Here’s what this blog posting doesn’t mention : The XBox 360 Premium System also includes the High Defninition A/V cable ( $40 value ), a microphone headset for voice chat on XBox Live ($20 value), and an Ethernet cable. XBox Live Silver and Gold membership is available on both the Premium and Core system. The remote control was included only for a limited time and expired in late January.

  • @Frog!

    We dont know yet, what Sony will put into the box too… A HDMI Cable will be there for sure and a Gold membership isnt needed, cause it will be (to some proportions) free!

    Maybe Sony will give a headset too (or a free psp :D)…

    What i think is a bit crappy about these newer consoles… They dont give any games with them anymore… I bought my mega drive (genesis for you americans) with 4! freakin games and two pads for 150€! Now you pay quadruple the price for 1!! controller and NO games!!

    My question still is, will the wifi and cardreaders be upgradable INTERNALLY (meaning, no cables and all that bullcrap) like it is with pcs nowadays!

    What’s still VERY interesting is, that MS says, the ps3 is $200 more expensive… Oh yes… comparing CORE 360 with PREMIUM ps3 that is… So… the same comparison can be done vice versa… It costs the same (premium 360 with core ps3)…

    God i hate these idiots!

  • Michael

    does the ps3 still have 2 hdmi ports or just one?

  • It’s been reduced to one – on the 60GB version only.

  • Michael

    you mean sony has been bosting about supporting a dual television setup ever since last years e3 and it dropped it….THAT SUCKS!!!! I was really looking forward to the end of split screen multiplayer. Instead of this being a really great conference, I am really disappointed. Sony drops big features and sets a higher price tag than I ever guessed. And it doesn’t look like the 20 gig with the missing features is upgradable either. I thought that Sony’s aim was to create some competition with the other consoles, but I guess not; I mean, they just totally cut off a big chunk of their business–kids and there is no way that they can afford one. Very dissappointing indeed.

  • Leo

    Well, I think that have created some competition, but I’ve been fuming all day about the 600 dollar pricetag. If Sony has the decency to include a wireless headset and an HDMI cable, I’ll be more willing to spend the 600 (HDMI cables run btwn 35-100 bucks!). But I remebered this: XBOX Live basically costs 50 dollars per year, so four years of that is 200. The PS3 Online service is free! So it may cost 200 more, but buying an XBOX 360 would cost me the exact same amount of money over the console’s lifespan.

  • Super Slug

    Don’t bank on PS3 Online being free…. I think we’ve Sony’s little bait and switch tactics again.

  • I don’t think so. They offered free online service with the PS2, so they’ve covered this territory before. And they’ve proclaimed this feature too loudly to back out, I think.

  • Matt

    I HIGHLY doubt they will include the HDMI cable with the $599 console. A) Most Americans do not have HDTV yet. Why throw in an expensive cable that hardly anyone can use. (1080p HDTVS are just getting into the market.) B) They probally cannot afford to include one. The $599 price will lose them money on just what is inside the casing.

    I also think that the player to player online will come at a price. If it doesn’t expect MS to drop the price of gold to free with the inclusion of advertising. They will then introduce Platinum which will be $50 and have no ads.

    I would also think that the HD-DVD drive will be $100. This will establish the format, add credit to the 360, and further hurt Sony. If Toshiba and Microsoft take the loses together it won’t be a huge lose for either. The HD-DVD format winning the war in the end is the most important agenda. Toshiba stands to lose 10 – 100s of millions of dollars developing HD-DVD. Microsoft wins because a PS3 with Blu-Ray without support is just a game format.

    I would also expect a price reduction from MS to capitilize on the situation. If their is a $250-$300 price difference between the consoles MS will put a hurting on Sony. Serious gamers who failed to buy a PS3 might get the 360 with 4 games, extra contoller and still come out cheaper than just the PS3. Most consoles see a price reduction every year and I expect this won’t change. (Sony did this to Xbox when it released)

    You can throw 1080p games becoming a standard out the window (HDMI is needed). Why would developers waste their time on a higher detailed environment that most people won’t see.

    Microsoft is in control right now. They can manipulate consumers almost any way they want. Hardcore gamers will buy their favorite brand but the casual gamer can sway with the tide. Nintendo did once rule the earth.