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Full 15min MGS 4 Trailer |

Click the link below for the full 15min Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots trailer & prepare to have a gaming orgasm!!!

Just click English>MGS4>Play Movie

Kojima Productions – MGS 4 Full Trailer

EDIT:I’ve found that the video won’t play if the site is getting a lot of hits so patience may be a good idea. Very frustrating because I want to watch it again!

EDIT NO.2: IGN finally has the video up.Enjoy:

IGN – MGS 4 15 Min Trailer


  • Tomas

    Hehe, here you have your 599€ Sony :p

  • Gary

    My thoughts exactly! The PS3 is worth it for this game alone.

  • funny. i can’t see it from my intel mac…

  • Gary

    Do you have windows media player?

  • Tomas

    I can see it and I’m using Linux ;). Where is that stupid preorder option at my local store 😉

  • Leo

    Seriously, that was the most bad-ass shit I’ve ever seen in my life. As long as you don’t play as Raiden for most of the time and the game isn’t too short, it’ll surely get the Greatest Game Ever Award.

  • Tomas

    This is really a saver game, before my cousin watched this he was very “Oh Halo 3, *shit* it looks amazing” then after he watched the new MGS4 trailer he was totally stunned. The Halo 3 trailer isn’t in the same league as MGS4 😉

  • Gary

    Raiden has got some kick ass moves!!

    Am I the only one that thinks the mini Metal Gears/bots sound like cows mooing…..

  • Leo

    Yeah they are meant to sound like cows. Kojima explained in an interview that the mechs make cow and cicada sounds, because apparently Japanese ppl associate those sounds with summer childhood memories. Its part of the psycological warfare in the game. To most ppl though, I think it just comes off as trippy.