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Indiana Jones |

I wrote an article not long back about a new technology called Euphoria that would be used in Indiana Jones & IGN has seen it in action & they certainly believe it could be the 1st game to have next-gen gameplay.

First the facts & there isn’t many of them. In fact all that is known about the game is that George Lucas has given a portion of the script for the upcoming Indy film to the game developers for use in the Indiana Jones game.

Now for the technology that will be used in the game. Euphoria gives NPC advanced AI meaning they can/will react differently to what the game world & Indy throws at them:

Say you punch an enemy and he falls. Not only will he fall differently everytime, but he’ll also stand up differently. Enemies will use tables, cars or anything else available to stand up. And again, it’s not a canned animation. Enemies simply know that it’s the easiest way they’ll get back up. As such, you’ll toss villainous thugs through all manners of stuff and they’ll try to recover from your attacks with whatever is available.

Sounds good eh? Next up is Digital Molecular Matter which means wood will buckle & splinter, ice & glass will crack & shatter and metal will bend & dent on receiving impact just like they would in real life:

Digital Molecular Matter recreates the same effect with wood, ice, rubber, graphite, cement, glass, metal and any other material developers want in their game. Actually watching the effect in motion is spectacular. Depending on how Indy hurls someone through a door, the angle, speed and strength of the throw will create near limitless door-smashing goodness.

So the future of gaming is over a year away & by the sounds of it, if Lucasarts pull it off we’re in for a treat.

IGN – Indian Jones Eyes On

  • I was actually gonna write an article about this game, but you beat me to it. It looks quite impressive. It seems to truly show what next-gen games are all about.

  • Gary

    I don’t think developers can get away with just showcasing snazzy new graphics for their next-gen games. We need style AND substance in our games.

  • thomas

    Oh brother, this next generation is gonna be unbelievable. I really wonder what games will look like in another 20 years from now.

  • Gary

    Hmm in 20yrs time WE will be the games! You will be on the board pulling ollies! I’ll be snapping necks & infiltrating enemy camps! Henning will be racing around Hockenheim in the latest McLaren!

    Or maybe not….