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Gamestation Taking Pre-orders For PS3 |

For all the U.K readers, Gamestation is now taking pre-orders for the PS3 60GB pack and it will set you back a whopping £425!!!

Hmm decisions decisions.

Gamestation – Taking PS3 pre-orders

  • Yep, tough decision, as in definetly not. Wouldnt buy it immediately upon launch anyway, wait for some firmware updates.

  • Gary

    It depends on the calibre & cost of launch games but at the moment I’m not convinced in getting one at launch or anytime directly after the launch.

  • As the owner of this site I think that if I didn’t get a PS3 right away I’d be beheaded! But besides that, I’m confident that the games will be there, and in the meantime I can use it as a BD player.

    The near-launch games I’m looking forward to the most are Call of Duty 3, F1, and Heavenly Sword.

  • Gary

    I’m looking forward to Heavenly Sword & MotorStorm to name just two but it comes down to what I can afford at the time & if the games are priced at more than £50 then I’m not willing to pay that much even if I am willing to pay £400+ for the console.

  • ehandlr

    I definetly will be attempting to grab one on release date. I have a baby supposed to be born 5 days before the release so i wont’ be able to do any camping..Hopefully I can get a good pre-order in.

  • Piere

    I have xbox 360 but I cant keep my eyes away from the ps3!!!!!! This console is da [email protected]#!. I mean rlly, how good can a console get when its freakin $600. Or are they just tryin to rip us off, I dont know and I need some freakin answers. I mean if im gonna buy a $600 item, it better be freakin good!!!!! Oh and if I preorder this I better get it when they say it arrives in stores!!!!! This s#@% is goin to be da bomb for reall. I would like to give a shoutout to my homies Tom and Alex, oh and Lisa the horny poet.

  • Tom

    I agree with my bud Pierre abou the ps3. He obviously has not read Hennings PS3Price article. PS3 is going to be m-azing. Can’t wait and also pre-order? Later!!!!!

  • Black Guy

    iGot a couple of PS3 preordered already.

  • Super Slug

    Man I was thinking. I hope PS3 fails. I hope it fails miserably. Ok maybe thats pushing it but I hope they get no better than 2nd place. Not because of it trying to be a BR trojan horse or I’m a hater or anything like that. If the the PS3 succeeds at this price, it will be a first in history for system costing so much. A first that will set a precedent for generation successors to be priced just as high or higher. If this happens, millions will be priced out. Not everyone can shell out this kind of cash regardless of what the “value” may be. Personally, I’m a poor bitch being an independent student. I don’t have money like this but an X360 is within my budget. Maybe I’m a bad example but what about little Jonny who relies on his parents for funds? If PS3 succeeds at this price, PS4, XBOX 3, the Nintendo Yuu (get it), r going to be coming in at some heafty prices if manufactures know they can get away w/ it.