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Miyamoto Defends No HD |

Nintendo’s Miyamoto is defending their choice not to add HD support to the Wii. From some of the comments I’ve seen here, I’m beginning to think that some people don’t care about HD at all. For all of you out there like that: you don’t know what you’re missing! Playing an Xbox 360 game on Todd’s 32″ SDTV is child’s play compared to playing the same Xbox 360 games on my 57″ HDTV, or Mike’s 55″ HDTV! There’s simply no contest.

So for all you future Wii owners out there, I feel for you man. At least you have the hope that Nintendo’s next console will be HD.

Miyamoto defends decision not to go down HD route

  • They missed a trick there. I actually avoided last gen of consoles entirely because as a PC gamer I like a nice sharp picture.

  • Matt

    He makes it sound like the 360 and PS3 don’t work on a SDTV. This could be a hold up for me. I don’t care about the HD as much as 16/9 ratio support. SDTV really looks crappy on my DLP. I probally will have to see it on a similar tv before I buy it.

    I personally think that the 360 and PS3 are going to drive HDTV sales hard for the next few years. The U.S. government will be thanking Sony and Microsoft when the change from Analog to Digital happens in March 2009.

  • Black Guy

    @ the very least Nintendo should have included 480p standard across its games.

  • Questworld

    Perhaps they will. So far a lot of the games are running on these wide-screened LCD monitors, or so it seems from E3 videos. We know they’ll support 480p so at least many will support widescreen AND EDTV.

  • Matt

    After watching a DVD last night in 480p I am a little worried about the Wii. It looked alright but it isn’t close to HD. Xbox 1 doesn’t look all that bad but I am an HD whore. Is anyone else concerned about Wii on a HDTV?

  • The fact that the Wii doesn’t support HD puts it out of contention in my mind, so I’m not really worried about that myself.