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E3 Analysis: PS3 Games |

Now that E3 ’06 is over it’s time to take stock of the games that appeared for the PS3. Which games made you think the PS3 price is worth it. Which games made you think they were alright but not what you were expecting on a PS3 & which games made you think “what a load of rubbish/I’m sick of CGI!!!”.

The highlights:

I’ll start with the obvious MGS4: Guns of the Patriots. Although it wasn’t actual in-game footage the movie itself, going off past MGS games, was using the in-game engine as Kojima only uses in-game visuals for his movie sequences. Boy does it look good & as it’s still a PS3 exclusive, it’s one of the main reasons to own a PS3. Next up is the 1st game that uses EyeToy, The Eye of Judgment, which reminds me of the anime Yu Gi Oh! It was something different & it looks like it could work well. It will be interesting to see where Sony takes EyeToy on PS3.
The other big PS3 exclusive that was unveiled, Final Fantasy XIII, looks set to take a futuristic turn if the video is anything to go by but it still looked fantastic & I’m convinced the video contained some in-game action. Along with the MGS series, Final Fantasy is another reason to own a PS3 just to play this game.
Next is my choice for ‘Game of the Show’, Assassin’s Creed. It looks absolutely fantastic & although it was only shown behind closed doors, it’s received a lot of good press. It looks like a proper ‘next-gen’ game & unfortunately there wasn’t too many of them at the show. Heavenly Sword was one of the few games that actually looked like the CGI that was shown from last year & was one of the highlights of the show for me. Finally Call of Duty 3 looks absolutely fantastic & epitomises what next-gen visuals should at least look like.

Other games that showcased the capabilities of the next-gen consoles include Resistance: Fall of Man (looks fantastic), Mercenaries 2: World In Flames (a definite must have for me), although not a confirmed game, Heavy Rain looked very impressive & the “actress” really showed off a diverse range of emotions. Although Virtua Fighter 5 was not playable on PS3 at E3 it was there in arcade form, it’s a PS3 exclusive & looks great although I would like to see more interaction with your surroundings. WWE Smackdown v Raw 2007 looked great & the wrestlers looked just like their real life counterparts. Work still needs to be done on lip sync & crowd animations not to mention adding commentary & voices to the wrestlers. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas looked incredible & exactly how next-gen games should look. Yet another FPS, Medal of Honor: Airborne also looked impressive but I would’ve liked to have seen the game in playable form. Sonic The Hedgehog looks very good with no hint of pop up but the camera always plays a big part in these type of 3D games & it could ruin a good game if done incorrectly. Virtua Tennis 3 is graphically very impressive during the close up ‘TV style’ shots between points & seems to have captured the sport very well. Tony Hawk’s Project 8 although not in playable form if it uses THPS 3 as it’s inspiration it will be a must have for skateboarding fans.


Games such as Fatal Inertia, Full Auto 2: Battlelines, Bladestorm: The 100 Years War, MotorStorm, Madden 2007, Tekken 6, Haze, Mobile Suit Gundam, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, Vision Gran Turismo, Genji 2, Wardevil, Hellboy, Warhawk, John Woo’s Stranglehold, Ridge Racer 7, Armored Core 4, Interstellar Marines, Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom all failed to show anything special or failed to grab you by the throat. The majority of them were only shown in movie form & weren’t playable & the games that were playable (Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, Warhawk, Mobile Suit Gundam, Genji 2 etc) just didn’t show enough for me. Graphically they didn’t scream next-gen visuals & they also looked very basic in gameplay terms.

The Biggest Disappointment:

Killzone’s absence was a big disappointment. It was THE game that Sony used at E3 ’05 to hype up the PS3 & although most people realised that the finished game wouldn’t look like the CGI shown last year, Sony needed this game at E3 to look very close to what they claimed it would in playable form to convince everybody that the PS3 IS that powerful. Vision Gran Turismo also looked no better than the PS2 version & I’m wondering where the series goes from here.
The fact is none of the games have matched the visuals from last year but that isn’t a surprise & it hasn’t really damaged the PS3 thanks mainly to games like MGS4, FFXIII, Heavenly Sword, Resistance: Fall of Man, Call of Duty 3 etc which have showcased the PS3 in a positive light.

I was also dissapointed by Capcom’s showing at E3. No Devil May Cry 4. No Resident Evil 5. WHY!!!! I guess we will have to wait until the Tokyo Game Show in September.

In Summary:

Although Sony had a poor press conference they managed to make up for it with the games that were shown on the floor at E3. However the fact that there seemed to be no 100% complete games at E3 has me slightly concerned as to the quality of launch games available alongside the PS3 or immediately after it’s launch. There is speculation that Resistance, Call of Duty, The Eye of Judgment, MotorStorm, Heavenly Sword etc could be launch games, there has been no official word from Sony & until I know for sure what games are going to be available I won’t be pre-ordering a PS3 & I’m sure other people share the same view as me.

Also don’t forget the above mentioned games are all 1st gen games so imagine what the games will be like in 2,3 years time when developers have really got the hang of the PS3’s hardwear….

  • mcloki

    I think Sony’s on to something there with Eye of Judgement. Every card manufacturer is going to look to create a Eyetoy compatible game. It’s going to be big. I think Sony showed a very powerful game station.
    Price is an issue but i don’t think it’s that big. I’m sure that for Christmas they will bundle a PS3 with some of their larger HDTV’s. You know buy a 50 inch Bravia and receive a free PS3 with it. Play games and Blue Ray today. It’ll help move both HDTV’s and PS3’s. Most retailers already “Throw in” a DVD player today. Xbox bundled games. Sony can bundle TV’s.
    The next gen games really do intrigue me. Indiana Jones and EA’s basketball all make me think that some very interactive worlds will be made. I just hope Sony is smart enough to get these technologies to all of their third parties, even if they have to buy them for them. Gears of War on the Xbox360 looked great, but since it’s built on the Unreal Engine, PS3 should be able to handle it with ease.
    I’ll start worrying after the Tokyo show.
    The one thing that wasn’t brought up was the networking. I think that it could lead to inexpensive games. GT5HD could come out quickly and cheaply with only 5 tracks. And either through winning or buying you could load newer tracks. Refresh your tracks every two months and a steady revenue stream could happen.
    It’ll be exciting. I won’t buy a PS3 till I get an HDTV. I think it would be wasted on my 15 year old TV. So it may be a Wii to start but I will get around to it. Keep up the good site.

  • Matt

    Gears of War is exclusive to 360. Microsoft is publishing the game.

    I would suspect Sony will get very creative selling the PS3 and HDTVs. They could talk to retailers and instead of discounting HDTVs they could throw in the PS3. You are on to something. Hopefully it happens that way.

  • Jay

    personally, I found MotorStorm pretty impressive…

    I must have low expectations lol. Oh well, that’s a good thing, because if I don’t expect much, and get more in return, that makes me happier. If I set my expectations too high and they aren’t met, well, you get the idea

  • Gary

    Jay, I found MotorStorm to be quite good but graphically it didn’t look great & the track that it was demoed on looked very repetitive. It’s still early days though so I’m not totally writing it off just yet.

  • mcloki

    Matt I know that. I was commenting more upon the Underlying engine. Gears of War isn’t that revolutionary that someone couldn’t create a version of it for the PS3. TI fully expect a Halo knock off, as well as Metroid, Mario, Smash Brothers and so on. The bundle Idea is something that I want. Unfortunately Sony won’t be making any of those SED TV’s that I think i’ll wait for, before buying an HDTV. And as another prediction, If the Wii controller starts a “revolution” in the games market expect to see both Sony and Microsoft create their own versions. Especially Microsoft.
    And the more i see Spore the more I like. Hopefully it makes the jump to PS3. No mention of the Keyboard and mouse support. It would make the PC games easier to port.
    And though they are not games. All of the connectivity and video conferencing, VOIP, and cheap long distance may make the PS3 a great machine to put in the house as a computer replacement. Why buy a PC/MAC o d these things when the PS3 can do it and play movies. Video conferencing for Grandma might be PS3’s killer app.

  • Gary

    I reckon a keyboard mouse add on is 99% certain to happen.

    I would personally love it if Sony or other manufactures did deals where you could get HDTVs bundled with a PS3. I need to upgrade my TV shortly so it would be ideal for people like me.

  • CrAzZy LeE

    I played MotorStorm first hand and talked to the guys that are makeing the game. first off the game was only something like 30 0r 40 % done and the game play was much like playing burnout but in mud it was vary cool lots of extras were left out. the developers told me that there will be up to 22 cars per race online game play and one thing i thought was cool is that you really can run over say a guy falls off his bike then run his ass over. MotorStorm look good but like the developer guys were saying its gona look much better.

  • CrAzZy LeE

    Warhawk was humm more like a pass time kindof game and was the only game on the floor that use the motion senser. look lame but like i said you can find your self playing the damn thing just cause you end up getting in to moving your hands like you flying a toy plane. it was alright. i say lets give Ps3 some time cause from what i saw i think its gona get crazzzy. trust

  • Matt

    I hope M/K controls NEVER come into the console world. I play consoles because I like using controllers. The unfair advantage that M/K controls offer would make controller essentially useless.

  • Gary

    I think it would come in handy if you were using your PS3 to browse the web or other PC type stuff on your PS3.

    I won’t use it to play games either.