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UK to miss out on 20GB PS3 |

PS3According to Gamestation, UK gamers won’t get to choose between the 20GB & 60GB PS3 when it is launched Nov 17th. apparantley spoke to a member of staff from Gamestation:

When we contacted Gamestation to ask why it wasn’t taking pre-orders for the 20GB deal, we were told in no uncertain terms that it was because Sony wouldn’t be releasing the slightly more wallet-friendly bundle in the UK.

I buy quite a few games from Gamestation & some of their staff aren’t exactly the brightest group of people nor are they well informed or trained in customer service (a friend of mine enquired about a PSP & was told “why you interested in that it’s crap & a waste of money”) so I wouldn’t take anything that Gamestation says to heart.

There’s been no confirmation or denial from Sony so we will have to wait until we are told otherwise but it would be a very strange move by Sony not to release both versions of the console over here.

GamesRadar – No 20GB PS3 In UK

  • Well thats made up my mind then, I can’t afford one.

  • Gary

    It’s not confirmed by Sony though so I’d take it woth a pinch of salt.

  • Matt

    That store might just be taking pre-orders for the 60gig version. This stops all confusion/complaints when the person who ordered the 20gig says “I ordered the Fn 60 gig”. Gamestop and EB games only pre-ordered the premium 360s.