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Different PS3 Faceplates? | has an interview with Phil Harrison that doesn’t reveal a whole lot, but I found the pictures attached to the article quite fascinating. It shows the difference between the 60GB PS3 and the 20GB PS3, and the difference is obvious. The 60GB PS3 has a silver area on the front that distinctly identifies it as a different machine than the 20GB version.

Personally, I don’t really like it. The 20GB version is all black and looks a lot more cohesive than the 60GB version. The latter just looks like they slapped on the silver part as an afterthought. – Sony’s Phil Harrison Tells All on PS3, Peter Moore, Nintendo Wii

  • Gary

    I like the look of the PS3 with the silver lining on it.

    The plain black PS3 just looks too erm….plain.

  • Hey – are we allowed to have different opinions? 😉

  • Gary


    I know what’s the world coming too!

  • Since it is still 6 months until retail availability of these I may wait to pass judgement. Until I see what comes out the box that someone buys at Best Buy we can’t be 100% sure what the device will look like.

  • nick botulism

    for whatever it’s worth, i too prefer the silver faceplate over the all-black version.

  • Inspectre

    ^^ 60GB version for me as well.