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Forums Down |

I know most of you don’t use the forums anyway, so it’s not such a big deal, but I decided to close down the forums for now. I’ve been getting one or two mischief-makers creating accounts per day for a while now and I’m just sick of deleting their accounts.

  • Haha sorry dude, so weird, i never focus on the top menu !
    Maybe if you’de put a little more focus on there it’ll attract more people.

  • Well I do have a big image of a PS3 in the sidebar with the text “PS3 Forums” on it. I thought that was a little obvious. I’ll be removing that now…

  • JustME

    I didnt know you had a forum. 😛

  • My wife says things just fly over my head, and she’s right. I can’t tell if JustME is being serious.

    But the obvious next question is: if I re-open the forums, will anybody use them, now that you know they are/were/will be there?

  • Gary

    I’m not surprised Henning. You were probably getting sick of me telling you about the latest idiot that had registered.

    I was posting quite a bit of stuff in the forum but hardly nobody replied so I gave up.

    Hey that could make a good poll!

    Maybe ask people what they would like in the forum if you re-opened it.

  • Matt

    I too wasn’t aware of your forum. I ‘ll have to start checking it out once it goes back up.

  • Gary

    Maybe you should rename it PS3Blog Forum…..

  • I had nothing else to do, so here’s some appreciation.

  • Gary

    Hey nice one Thomas!

    I like the blue background.

  • Black Guy

    Thomas – Nice

  • Black Guy

    Maybe I’m missing something, but where does one “register”?

  • Gary

    In the forum if it was open that is.

  • Okay okay, I’ll open the forums again.

    Thomas: that’s sweet! Do you have a PSD ?

  • JustME

    “My wife says things just fly over my head, and she’s right. I can’t tell if JustME is being serious.”

    I was being serious. 😛 I get my information from your blog via RSS and honestly don’t look around at the other links. I would use the boards I guess, but I can’t be a 100% sure.

  • Tom

    O Hey, Gavin over at PS3 Countdown opened up his own Forum. Looks pretty sweet. I also never really noticed the forum on this website but thanks for reopening the forum, i’ll start posting

  • thomas

    Henning: It’s not 100% pixel perfect yet, but I’ll work that out when I get home, and I’ll send you the PSD-file.