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F1 ’06 |

One of the cool aspects that came out of E3 06 was using your PSP as an extra view in racing games. At the Sony press conference Phil Harrison showed how you could use the PSP as a wing mirror.

You can watch the demonstration & the E3 trailer by clicking the link below:

Gametrailers – F1 ’06 Videos

You can also download a video of gameplay footage from captured via camcorder. They aren’t too complimentary about the game. Considering it’s meant to be a launch game they have a lot of work to do on it:

Playsyde – F1 ’06 Gameplay Footage

You can also watch a video interview from

Gamespot – F1 ’06 Video Interview

It doesn’t look as bad as people are making out & the in-car view looks very nice. My interest in F1 has waned over the years & I haven’t played an F1 game since PSone but I might give it a 2nd chance on the PS3.

  • Inspectre

    Seems like people acting like it’s coming out next week. Not sure why they’re so hostile.

  • Gary

    Yeah I know. There’s probably an element of fanboyism & an expectation of “we demand lifelike graphics now!!” from some people.

    There’s plenty of time for the game to improve all round.

  • I agree.. Last F1 game i’d played was on the PSone. One of the first F1 games of studio Liverpool, but this one looks SuperB.. I”m going to try this one when the PS3 hits the shelves!