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Old vs. New Pictures |

If you want to see exactly how Sony has changed the design of the PS3 from last year’s E3 to this year’s E3, then head on over to the official PlayStation forums. They have a comparative post that has a load of pics of the two consoles. It’s obvious that this year’s console has fewer ports, many more holes for ventilation, and is larger.

Official PS Forums – Old vs. New – the difference b/w the older PS3 and the newer version

  • Martin Hansen

    Hmm.. I have to wonder.. I will use PS3 with a HD LCD TV supporting up to 1080i, but I will have to use DVI (does support the copyprotection) in combination with optical audio as my TV does not support HDMI. But as I understand, there is no difference between that combination and HDMI, exept that HDMI has audio baked in. Am I right?

    So the question really is, will I need the 60 GB version to support my DVI/optical audio setup? Because I don’t really need a card reader, and beeing able to upgrade the HDD myself, I could go for an even higher capacity disc. (leaving me to have a 20 GB disc laying around instead of a more expensive 60 GB) But then there of course is the wifi.

  • DVI + HDCP – sound = HDMI 1.0

    So HDMI supports sound, like you said, and HDCP encryption. Many televisions (like mine) have a DVI/HDCP port. Yours probably does the same, so we should be fine. You can get DVI-HDMI converters. Personally I have a cable with HDMI at one end and DVI at the other. There’s just one wrinkle. While DVI/HDCP is supposed to be functionally equivalient to HDMI 1.0, it IS possible for a device to check to make sure an HDMI connection is being used instead of DVI/HDCP. I’ve heard of at least one device that does this. I forget what it was, but I think it was a set-top-box. Thankfully, most consumer electronics manufacturers aren’t that stupid.

    If you want to use DVI, then yes you’ll need the 60GB version. There’s no DVI or HDMI port on the 20GB version.