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PS3 Controller: What Batteries? |

PS3 ControllerWe already know a few things about the new PS3 controller:

  • It will be able to sense yaw/pitch/roll motion and acceleration in those directions.
  • It’ll be wireless with a built-in battery.
  • You can recharge the battery with a USB cable connected to the PS3. There is a USB port on the back of the PS3 controller.
  • Rumble functionality has been lost.
  • The L2 and R2 buttons have been made more into triggers.
  • There are four lights on the controller to identify which player you are.
  • There’s a new Guide (?) button between the Select and Start buttons.

Beyond the question of how well the motion sensitivity will work, there’s another obvious question. What kind of battery does the controller use?

I’d very much like to see it work similar to Sony Cybershot digital camera. The camera came with two rechargeable AA batteries, which you could recharge with a supplied charger. The PS3 controller should use two rechargeable AA batteries that recharge by connecting a USB cable to the controller. If you wanted to, you could replace the discharged batteries with fresh non-rechargeable AA batteries. This would be handy, for example, if you play PS3 games with several of your friends and you’re already recharging one controller with your USB cable, but you another’s charge is down. You could just scrounge up some AA batteries and stick them in there and you’re ready to go!

So, does anyone know what kind of battery this controller uses?

  • Stuart

    I think that all controllers will come with a USB charging cable so you can use one of the four usb ports to charge the controller

  • Stuart: you just made my whole post moot!

  • hotcarl

    I think Stuart is right, and whatever type of batteries they are using, I’m pretty sure they are not intended to be removable.

  • Gary

    If they aren’t removable then how long will their lifespan be?

    I’ve bought a few PS2 joypads over the years mainly because I’ve smashed them but I won’t be too happy if I have to buy a new PS3 pad every year because the battery has died.

  • Martin Hansen

    Their previously announced “boomerang” controller had 24 hours of gameplay. But since the rumble function is gone, i’ll bet that will be even higher. Bluetooth is very power efficient.

  • Only 4 lights? What happened to 7 players?
    I must have missed that scale-back announcement (among the others…)

  • They could always double-up the lights. Lights 1+4 is player 5, etc.

  • Martin Hansen

    Hmm according to this article the battery life is ten plus hours.. whatever that means

    The warhawk guy (Dylan jobe) says he is happy with the battery life.

    The 360 har 30 or so of continous gameplay with the battery pack. These batteries are Ni-MH (Nichel-Metal hygrid) commonly used in cameras and other power demanding devices. But, the problem with these batteries is that then drain themself of battery power when just lying around. Rather quickly.

    At least we don’t have to buy a should-be-standard play-and-charge kit, just plug in the usb and you are charging.

  • Martin Hansen

    They have not changed 7 to 4, but come on, how often do you play 7p? Also, this could also be indicating what port you are plugged into.. They at least match the number.

  • I don’t think the port number you have it plugged into has to be the same as the controller number. That wouldn’t make sense.

  • Vincent Boyd

    I would imagine that if you connect the controller to the USB to charge, that while charging it would also act as a corded controller via the USB.

  • Stuart

    What about 4 controllers and some other devices such as a bluetooth headset 😀

  • Just to respond to Vincent, most people assume the same about corded wireless controllers for the 360. In reality it simply uses the cable to charge. No idea what Sony plans though.

  • Black Guy

    From the looks of the controller, me not think the batteries r replacable unless there r of a custom slim design like those that ship w/ digital cameras. The 7 player connectivity was just Sony running their flap to try & 1up MS. Come on, 7 players? Yes iKnow, the bluetooth standard can accomodate 7 devices + 1 host but obviously its not something thats going to b supported by the mere fact that there r only 4 connection indicators.

  • observer

    Regular AA batteries like the low end Cybershot cameras?!? Yuck. I would much prefer the nicer Lithium-Ion batteries like the higher end cameras do.

  • Matt

    I hope they are AA. Anything else would suck.

  • Tom

    Hey Henning, You said in the article “Sony Japan Talkes PS3”, that the central guide button can be used to turn the seytem on and off and make the sysyem recognize the controller. Where did you get this info? And if it is true why the ? next to Guide (?) button in this article.

  • Martin Hansen

    Of cource it will support 7 players, they last said it at E3 press conference.

  • Tom: I got that from the article I linked to. And I put a question mark after the word “Guide” because I’m not sure if that’s what the button will be called.

  • Tom

    Thanks Henning, I know i should have read the article, stupid me. I thought since it wasn’t in the light gray lettering, it wasn’t part of the article. But anyway, this is big news for me. Turning the console on and off from your seat using the controller is what i admired in X360. Since its in the ps3 too, it makes the PS3 just that much better.

  • Black Guy

    Tom –
    All next generation consoles will b able cycle power using the controller. This was expected of PS3 the match such, now to be considered, standard feature.