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PS3 F1 Screenshots – Not Good! |

[Edit: it looks like I made an error: most of these are PSP screenshots! Whew!]

Here are some more screenshots of the F1 game coming out for the PS3. Not looking good. Maybe because they’re so small? I hope so. Because I was hoping for a whole lot more out of the PS3 game than this. The F1 game was on my list as a launch-title must-have, now I’m not so sure. I can only hope that these pictures are showing the game in the worst possible light! 🙁

Does someone out there have links to HD screenshots of this game that show it off better than this? There must be some…

Gamereactor Norge – Nyheter

  • Really, the Shots look more like a PSP Version… Totally jaggy and blunt, no reflexion or other shaders used anywhere!!

  • haha

    maybe it’s from PSP version, not PS3.

  • Martin Hansen

    You should learn yourself norwegian before posting a news from a norwegian site 🙂 As I am norwegian, let me translate the important part:

    Sony har nettopp sendt oss åtte nye skjermiser fra Formula One 06. Tre av skjermisene er spektakulære renderinger hvorav de fem øvrige er skjermdumper fra PSP-versjonen av spillet.
    Sony has just sent us eight new screenshots for Formula One 06, three of them are spectacular renderings, and the 5 others are screenshots from the PSP version.

    But, come on.. didn’t you see that for yourself? I understood that even before reading the article. because of the low resolution and the jagged edges.

  • Gary

    For “real” PS3 screenshots & videos go here:

  • Great news Marin! I edited the post.

  • I’m glad! The screenshots didn’t really look like what the PS3 E3 Video showed us! Whewww!