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15 Games Expected For PS3 Launch? |

Well that’s what SCEA head honcho Kaz Hirai told Bloomberg according to

I don’t know where they got the number 15 from because there’s no quote from Kaz Hirai stating that amount.

All he is quoted as saying is: “I don’t think there will be too much of an issue”.

There are also conflicting comments from game developers with THQ even going as far as not developing a PS3 version of The Sopranos because “It was too risky to do it” according to THQ CEO Brian Farrell.

AT E3 there were no games more than 80% complete, & the only game that was 80% complete was Resistance: Fall of Man. With roughly 6 months to go until launch I will be surprised if there are more than 8 games available alongside the PS3 at launch & how many of those will be finished to a high standard & not rushed?

Spong – 15 Games At PS3 Launch

  • Matt

    Sony could be hiding games to show off later (like TGS).

    I doubt it though. I think they would have shown them at E3 because Sonys show wasn’t very good. When you are announcing a $599 system you need reasons for people to say “That is why I want to spend $599”.