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PS3 Quietest Console? |

One thing I don’t like is my house. It’s too noisy. I sit there watching a movie and hear the fridge turn on. Or the furnace. Or the air conditioner. Or the dishwasher. Or the water heater. (!!!) What I definitely don’t need is another device intruding on my entertainment experience.

Which is why I appreciate the fact that, when watching a BD movie on my PS3 this winter, my PS3 probably won’t be intruding its operating noises on my overly sensitive hearing. I missed it, but T3 says that Sony is claiming that the PS3 belts out “less noise than one of those tiny slimline PS2s”.

I think that’s pretty cool. And quiet!

T3 – Shh! PlayStation 3 goes silent

  • Gary

    I currently use the silver PS2 & it is very quiet so I’m expecting the PS3 to be just as quiet when I get it.

    I think the original black PS2 I had was a lot noisier.

    The quieter the better.

  • Black Guy

    This iGotta hear! Does the slimline PS2 even have a fan? iCan’t remember. Unless, he was referring to its disc drive.

  • Matt

    How do they know how quiet it will be when they still don’t have a working unit? At E3 they had empty PS3 cases.

    We will have to wait and see how many fans are needed. The BD player should be quirt though. It is only a 2x drive.