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WiFi, Card Reader Adapters Confirmed for PS3 |

For those of you pondering a 20GB PS3 purchase, your decision has just been made a bit easier. We already know that the HDD is upgradeable. The lacking HDMI output? Well if you need one then you better go for the higher end PS3.

But what about WiFi? Well, Sony will have a solution for you. Like Microsoft, they will be offering a WiFi adapter as a peripheral. So if you decide to buy the 20GB PS3, you’ll still be able to upgrade it to do WiFi on some later date.

And what about a card reader? Yup, Sony will have a card reader peripheral for you too. – 20GB PlayStation 3 will be upgradeable, says Sony

  • Black Guy

    Right now iPrefer to have the option of adding a wireless device. 8021.11n sounds pretty promising. Of all electronic products on the horizon, this is really one that I’m look’n forward to. iTried building a media center using 802.11g for streaming audio/video from a server but its not very reliable; so I”m forced to use Cat5 for consistant performance.

    Whenever I’m able to deploy 802.11n network, iWould like to b able to upgrade all my devices, including my X360, to take advantage of the additional bandwidth. Having the Wifi addapter as optional, means that iWon’t have vestigial technology builtin to the system whenever the new standard comes available. Which is expected to happen over the course of this generation’s life span.