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FFVII Remake In Development? |

Click for larger imageDuring Square Enix’s press conference prior to E3 I waited and waited and waited for the confirmation that they were doing a PS3 remake of the greatest RPG ever (in my opinion) Final Fantasy VII but they crushed my heart & soul when it ended with no announcement. I thought all hope was lost until I spotted something on

In the latest issue of Electronics Gaming Monthly it has the picture you see to the right. Click the image & you will see that EGM claims that the test footage was in fact a sneak peek & the game is in fact in development….


I know it’s just a rumour but man I can’t express in words how much I WANT & NEED this game to be remade on PS3.
You have to do it Square Enix! You just have to!!!! – FFVII Remake A Possibility

  • Gary

    I kid you not people I need this game on the PS3. I still have the PSone version & I play it every now & again. It is the greatest RPG ever made. Nothing will beat it. EVER.

    I’ve never had the range of emotions from a game like I had playing FFVII.



  • ehandlr

    This is definetly the ultimate game…I hope its true.

  • FFVII sucked.

    nuff said.

    (I just hate JRPG’s, ESPECIALLY the final fantasy series) summon, materia, repeat. blah.

  • WonderSteve

    hahah…Richard. I guess that’s your opinion.

    I guess it’s just like I don’t like Halo because I don’t like FPS. But objectively speaking, Halo is a good FPS and it’s a good game. I just don’t like it

    And objectively speaking, Final Fantasy is always above standards. It’s a good game.

  • Gary

    Your words sting me like citric acid in a paper cut Mr. Lawler! I guess you won’t be buying FFXII or FFXIII then?


  • Richard says: “FFVII sucked.

    nuff said.”

    Hello?! Toasty Frog’s arguments suck!

    nuff said.

  • Matt

    I don’t need a remake. Even if they changed 20% by addition or whatever. FF7 was what it was 9 years ago. Games have changed so much since then. I really don’t think it could hold a candle to games coming out in the next few months.

  • Matt,

    I think there is something to what you are saying. I think I *would* enjoy a remake of FF 7 but it would primarily be for nostalgic reasons. The truth is that FF 7 was “so good” because of the (to quote Gary) “range of emtions” that it created in so many players. I doubt it can recreate the same emtions now that we all know what’s going to happen. It’s like watching a movie for the 2nd time. It’s really not the same experience.

    Still, FF 7 is certainly the greatest example to date of how a game can actually affect people emotionally. No game since has done as good a job. FF 7 is the Citizen Kane of video game story telling.

    I’d love to do an analysis of why it was so effective despite ugly graphics and uneven writing. I have a number of suspicions as to what made it so effective… but honestly, I’m not sure. It’s almost like they came up with just the right receipe by accident.

  • Gary

    The fact is FFVII is a classic RPG. Not everybody likes it but that’s their opinions.

    If a FFVII remake was done on PS3 I would still go through 100+hrs again even though I know what happens, how to defeat certain bosses, how to get all the weapons, summons etc because the story is what made it rise above most games.

    The only concern I would have would be the voices because we all have our own image of what Cloud, Aeris, Barret etc would sound like & with the wrong people cast as these characters it could spoil the experience. It’s like reading a book you imagine how people sound & look based on your individual interpretation of what is written.

    Although FFVII remake wouldn’t enable me to re-experience the emotions I felt the first time I played it, I would still be affected by certain events in the game & I would still be playing THE greatest RPG with next-gen visuals.

    The positives far outweigh the negatives for me & I just hope Square Enix IS working on a FFVII remake.

  • Gary,

    I wouldn’t mind them using the voices from the movie. Tifa and Cloud were great. Barret and Yufi was about what I expected. I liked the voice for Aeris, but it was different then what I had in my mind. I thought the voice for Aeris in Kingdom Hearts worked better. I think I read somewhere it was the same person, but they sounded different.

    Honestly, FF 7 WILL get remade for the PS3 or Square is stupid. Since they aren’t stupid, it will happen at some point. They remake all of their FF games now a days and they know plain well that FF 7 is their most popular. If all they did was remake it with better graphics, it would be an easy way to make money and the fans would love it.

    Have you seen the movie, btw, Gary? What did you think?

  • Gary

    I haven’t seen Advent Children yet & it’s had some mixed reviews even from FF fans. It was only recently released over here in the UK. What did you think of it bnielson?

  • I saw it, the CG graphics are alright. as a movie? pretty blah. better than the first one, but thats not saying much. if you’re a fan of the series tho it’s probably a good watch, to see the cool CG, it’s good for about 10 minutes

  • If you think of the movie as a stand alone movie, I can see why people (even fans) might have concerns about it. If you think of it as an extension of the game (think of it as the final cut scene) it’s quite good. You may first want to review the story of FF 7 via the little video that comes on the DVD. (It’a worth buying the DVD alone for that.)

    I admit, I was a sucker for the scene where the whole gang gets back together for the first time. It’s over the top to be sure, but I couldn’t help but love it.

    See a full review at:

  • Elvish Troy

    Hi….I was looking for some info about ffvii and I’ve found your replays. I’ve seen ffvii adv and I felt something stange, the movie pull all my attention.Idon’t want to sound dreamy but the content of the movie was like something out of this world, like outer space…..somthing like that. I’ve started searching about info and I was surprised to know that there was a ffvii game and they want to remake it, since i don’t play video games it was awkward.Finally I must say that this ffvii story is great thing.

  • sinofthewhitewings

    I’ve known for quite some time that they were in the process of remaking Final Fantasy VII, but, in all aspects, like you’ve all said, it is like watching a movie the second time, and, again, I wouldn’t mind seeing the game redone with next gen visuals, it would be quite appeasing. This is a game that has changed every way that I look at life, even the way that I daydream. This game was created with one purpose in mind, to make a story that no one would ever forget, and, ever since then, every, single RPG has tried over and over again to recreate the capturing story of Final Fantasy VII… As for the remake, and voices, I thought that all of the voices in Advent Children would suffice enough for the game, pending, Square-Enix does go through with it… Maybe, they should do some research and, realize, how many people are actually looking forward to something like this.