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PS3: Emulator Heaven? |

Retro Gaming has an article about game emulation on the PS3 using Linux, and that got me thinking.

Wouldn’t it be great to run MAME on the PS3? There are a ton of arcade games I’d love to play on my HDTV. Or how about an Atari emulator? Commodor 64? Nintendo X/Y/Z ? (Yes I know that’s not a console – I just didn’t want to list all of them.)

That would be pretty slick. The only question is how we could get around the copyright issues. Would the content creators start selling their ROMs if the PS3 became popular enough? Probably not, but I can hope, can’t it?

Could the PS3 Become An Emulator Haven?

  • Gary

    I have a Commodore 64 with over 300 games in a cupboard which I haven’t used in ages & to be honest I’m not a big retro gaming fan. You look back on games you played years ago & you remember them fondly then you dust it down & give it a go & it completely ruins the memories you had of certain games because they haven’t aged well.

    However there are certain games I would like to play from arcades on my PS3 if that was possible. Games like Final Fight, Streets of Rage, Double Dragon etc.

  • Matt

    There are definately games that I would like to play again, but tweeked up a bit.

    Laughing at Gary because I would bet that most of this sight has never seen a Commodore 64. I loved that damn thing back in the day. Did you ever get the modem for it? Downloading a game like paperboy took like 14 hours. Those are the memories I don’t want again.

    Load”*”,8,1 LOL

  • Gary

    No I never got the modem for it but I still have Paperboy!

    I remember when you had to type in loads of code just to get some cheats to work. Line after line after line….

    Half the time the games wouldn’t load & would crash at a certain point during loading.

    Ahh the memories!


  • michael cummings

    commodore 64, Amiga 500, the birth of lemmings, the lovely music in games like Nicky boom. in our days the cd disk is the king and rightly so. But my love for those retro games makes belive that they are not really dead, how can games like zool not make a come back on all formats, playstation, x box are missing out somewhere, lets get back to the games where you can pick up a joystick and have some fun.