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PS3 Online Gaming to be Free |

Those Xbox 360 fanboys like to stir up trouble, don’t they? ๐Ÿ™‚ This time, they spread rumours that the PS3 won’t come with free online play after all, after noting that Kaz Hirai did not explicitly mention this feature at the E3 keynote address. Does anybody remember what site first broke this “news” ? I’m pretty sure it was an Xbox site, I just forget which one. If not, I apologize in advance!

This morning, however, an Sony Computer Entertainment America PR Manager had this to say: “Please note that online gaming will be free right out of the box.” Online play is one of the features the free (Silver) Xbox Live service does not include, and so free online play on the PS3 may be one of the only features that differentiates Sony’s online service from Xbox Live. It’s important to note that certain Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games may still have some sort of fee.

This is totally in line with what was said at GDC about online gaming on the PS3. There was simply no news until some people decided to stir up trouble. I’m getting really tired of this. – Confirmed: PS3 online gaming to be free

  • Bad news.

  • Gary

    What bad news that Henning is getting tired of all the Sony hating or bad news that Sony is offering something that Microsoft doesn’t? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Niether, Bad news for owners of the PlayStation 3 looking to play online

  • Free online gaming is the only way I would try it. I’m glad it’s free, and I also think it’s a big competitive advantage against Microsoft.

  • While they say it maybe free, publishers will be free to assign their own fees per game, or force you to see ads or receive un wanted spam like EA do with the PSP.

  • thomas

    How is this bad news!?

  • Read my comment above yours, as well developing the game publishers/developers will have to setup their own servers etc. and it will be their choice if they wish to charge or not.

  • So either we get to play for free, or we have to pay. So….. we’re still ahead of Xbox Live, which doesn’t have the free option.

    And looking at history, not many people charged money for online gaming on the PS2, and I think the PS3 won’t be much different.

  • Surely the quality of the service is more important than paying next to nothing per year for it? Just because it’s free doesn’t mean its “ahead”

  • Just because you pay for it doesn’t mean it’s ahead either.

  • I didn’t say it did.

  • observer

    Hiro, the PS3 sounds exactly like PC regarding subscription fees and in-game advertising. PC game publishers are free to impose whatever fee structure or use whatever in-game advertising they want. I don’t see why we should expect this to be worse on PS3.

  • Poooooog

    id rather Pay 40 Quid for a Quality service as opposed to a free service that will get no updates or anything of the like.

  • I also found the no free online gameplay suggestion pretty overblown, however Sony has bought hemselves a bit of “if they don’t explicitly announce it” skepticism with pretty much every step of the PS3 (and PS2) launch, they’ve dropped features or dates previously announced and simply not mentioned it ever again.

  • Black Guy

    Even though PS2 had free online service that was free for most games, it was not a unified experience which is what Live offers. Publishers were free to implement the feature and charge as they saw fit. Even if PS3 does offer free online service, its not going to b a huge competitive advantage. Xbox Live is

  • Black Guy

    U need to wake up, ‘cuz a service like Live isn’t free or cheap. Just the servers to host the underlying foundation for the services r going to costs millions to deploy & maintain. Somebody has to pick up that tab & more than likely, its going to b good old Joe Consumerleszinski. U best believe Sony has way to collect. They don’t love their fanboys that much. Higher MSRP for games, ad laden games, suffocation by microtransactions, higher accessory costs, individual hihg profile titles will require specific costs using a similar model like MMOs… Its coming from somewhere.

  • Dunno man. I bought Champions of Norrath and its sequel for reasonable prices. The online gameplay was just fine.

  • Matt

    I was kind of hoping that Sony would charge for a service. I just can’t see how they can compete with Live without charging. MS has lost millions of dollars on Live. It should pay off for them with the 360 though.

    Paying $50 a year for a unified service is nothing. It is a half a days pay for 12 months of great service. I have spent $50 on games that I beat in one weekend (which is a true waste of money)

    I am just wondering how full featured Sonys service will be on launch day.

  • WonderSteve

    It can still be centralized even if it’s free. Nintendo is doing it with the DS. Sony and Nintendo just need to have a strong partner is networking service.

    Even for XBOX Live, MS servers doesn’t host the game. The system that created the games are. MS’s server mainly do the matching and friend list service. I am guessing Sony is going to follow a similar model

    Personally I perfer free online play. I don’t play online much because it’s not always fun. People just pull the plug when they are losing. The last time I played online with my DS was 3 months ago because if I have spare time for video games, I rather enjoy the games offline. If Nintendo WiFi was not free like XBOX Live, I would have wasted 15 dollars.

    That doesn’t mean the XBOX Live model is bad. I think MS is really successful with it. The problem is, Sony and Nintendo may offer an improved model (Being free is quite an improvement in my opinion) that’s perferred by quite a bit of people.

  • The Nintendo DS’s WiFi service is not a centralized service mate.

  • Black Guy

    “Even for XBOX Live, MS servers doesnโ€™t host the game. The system that created the games are?”

    That doesn’t make any sense my friend.