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Sony UK Confirms £425 UK Price Tag |

PS3SCE UK’s MD Ray Maguire has confirmed that the PS3 will retail at GBP425 & on top of that he claims it is a bargain!

“I don’t think it’s an expensive machine; I think actually, it’s probably a cheap machine,” he commented. “If you think a Blu-Ray player by itself might be GBP 600-700, and we’re coming in at just GBP 425 – it’s a bargain.”

Now I agree & disagree with what he says (if that’s possible!). Overall the machine IS a bargain or at least good value for what you pay when you consider what you get, but to people who are only interested in gaming & have no interest in next-gen DVD they will look at it as a very expensive gaming machine that costs £140 more than an Xbox 360 which at the moment looks just as good as the PS3.

Those are the people that Sony will need to target & convince that the PS3 will be worth the price:

“The point is that most people don’t realise what they’re actually getting with PlayStation 3,” he said. “Number one, it’s a games machine and we all know that. But also it’s a high definition video playback device through Blu-Ray, and a lot of people don’t really understand that part of the functionality either. There’s a big story to tell people and a lot of information to be taken on board.”

Some people just want a plain & simple gaming machine without the ‘extras’ & those people will buy a Wii or the 360 unless Sony convinces them that the PS3 is a whole lot more powerful & better value for money than the other 2 consoles.

The fact is £425 for a gaming machine is expensive but £425 for a machine that offers high-def gaming, online functions & next-gen DVD playback is good value.

Some people just need convincing that’s all. – UK PS3 Price Confirmed

  • benj

    Erm Sony will have to try and sell the Playstation alot better here in the UK.

    By the end of the summer will we get our first broadcaster to…(for want of a better word) broadcast here in the UK. This means that the numbers of HDTVs in the UK is much lower than North America or Japan. Constantly touting the Blue-Ray drive will be pointless to 99% of their potential customers, as they have no idea about High Definition, Blue-Ray, or its competitor HD-DVD.

    I hope for Sonys shareholders sake that they drop the price below the £400 mark, even to £399, as the price would be much fairer to UK customers when compared to the US pricing.

    Obviously the first-adopters are willing to pay sky high prices compared with ‘normal’ consumers, but this does not look good for Sony in the long term, here in the UK

  • Matt

    With the exchange rate right now at $1.78 to GBP 1.00, the PS3 in the U.K. is $756.50.

    I think it is funny that they are going to try and sell a HD player to a country with less than 2% HDTV penetration.

    The PS3 could be in trouble after the launch bustle drops off.

  • Martin Hansen

    I don’t think the PS3 is expensive, sure it’s a lot of money. But you get more for the money, than with 360. Just compare the live membership fee for some years to the $0 on the PS3.

  • phipscube

    Its a little steep for a Games machine, but I personally want it for the Blu-Ray and other media capabilities. So I see the value. But right now I think im one of only a handful that notice. As time goes on (2 years or so) people will see the benefit. But thats time Sony cant afford to loose. The media centric box that does it all is becoming more popular, but its a whole new category Sony are pushing for.

    I wish that both Sony and Microsoft had released two flavours a little more seperated. I think MS have made their box a little too much games only with a smattering of half baked media facilities, whereas Sony have gone too Media centric and added alot of high priced components. even if they released a super stripped down PS3 with wired controllers and no extras it would still need the blu-ray drive which is the big expense right now.

    I hope as time goes on the Blu-Ray drives get alot cheaper to produce hence get that retail price alot lower. If they can’t do that within the first year they are in risk of loosing big time, not just the top spot, but the whole game could be over.

  • It’s too bad Microsoft made a games console thats too games centric isnt it? The Xbox 360’s media capabilities are superb btw.