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PS3 Homebrew via Linux |

Recently it’s come to light that Sony won’t mind if you want to build homebrew Linux applications on the PS3. This is interesting indeed and I’ll be checking out Linux when I get my PS3. Of even more interest to this site, perhaps, is that my age-old post about PS3 Linux is my longest-running active article/thread on this site. So if you’re at all interested in Linux, you can see my post about how I didn’t like my earlier experiences with it. You can see how I get flamed as a result, and lately Greg was so kind as to address the issues that I had with Linux when I used it.

PS3 Linux

  • Black Guy

    There r Linux programs available that r similar in functionality to WMC & Front Row. iWonder if u’ll b able to run these to use the PS3 as a fully customizable media center. Or hell,!

  • That would certainly be cool. If Sony doesn’t restrict PS3 Linux too much, I think that it could be the killer app for the PS3.

  • Inspectre

    Totally. I’ve been wanting a way to play my movies from my PC for a while, but it’s not really convenient.

  • Blue Spotted Frog

    If Sony permits hombrew software to be run on the PS3 I wonder if this could open the door to hacks, trainers, cheats, etc. that would tarnish PS3 online gaming. I think Sony will try to prevent Linux homebrew just as they have done with the PSP firmware updates.

  • manny

    MythTV (gpl linux version of a TIVO/media center + more 🙂 ) would be cool to run on ps3. Also supports MAME!