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Key Launch Titles To Miss PS3 Launch |

According to C& SCEE CEO David Reeves has told them that key launch titles Heavenly Sword, MotorStorm & F1 will not be ready for the Nov 17th launch & will instead be released sometime after Christmas:

Precisely which PS3 titles will actually be available on launch day remains a mystery however, although Reeves told us that Insomniac’s Resistance: Fall of Man “will certainly be a launch title”. Worryingly, he said that Heavenly Sword, one of the PS3 titles at E3 that actually impressed people, won’t hit until “after Christmas”, as will the new Formula One game plus off-road racer Motorstorm.

That is not what I wanted to hear! Kaz Hirai recently claimed there would be 15 games available at launch but with only Resistance: Fall of Man being ‘confirmed’ what are the other supposed 14 games?

This news has definitley made me think twice about getting a PS3 at launch because Heavenly Sword is a must have for me & unless they have some major games (and surprises) available at launch I see no point in getting a PS3 straight away.


C&VG – Key Titles To Miss Launch

  • observer

    There are 19 titles listed for launch at:

    Yes, it will be a slim launch. If they can put out two titles that I really want to play and the hardware works well, I’ll be happy. Resistance looks great and although the Warhawk demos seemed very simple I think the finished version has real potential. My question: If they claimed Warhawk was 30% complete in May, how will they be 100% complete in November?

    They said the first 5 million systems would sell even without any games based on excitement and the brand alone. That’s probably true but it dampens my enthusiasm.

  • Gary

    These are the rumoured launch games the 1st 8 games are PS3 ‘exclusives’:

    Ridge Racer 7
    Tekken 6
    Fatal Inertia
    Bladestorm: The Hundred Years War
    Eye of Judgment
    FIFA 07
    Madden 07
    NBA: Live 07
    Tiger Woods 07
    Fight Night: Round 3
    Full Auto 2
    Tony Hawk’s Project 8
    Rainbow 6: Vegas
    Alone in the Dark
    Call of Duty 3
    Marvel Ultimate Alliance
    NHL 2K
    John Woo’s Stranglehold
    Untold Legends

    Out of those I would probably go for Call of Duty 3, THP8, Rainbow 6: Vegas & Resistance IF they live up to what I’m expecting from them. That’s IF they were available at launch.

  • Leo

    It sounded like UT2k7 and SC:Double Agent were pushing really hard for launch. Both have been in development for a very long time, and I’m a huge fan of both series. I think that the PS3 needs another launch game with lots of online features that isn’t available on the 360, and UT2k7 fits the bill (it’ll be on PC too, but you’d need a monster machine to run it at max details).

  • The game that has not yet been heard from is SOCOM. altho one figures if it was targeted for launch we would have seen it at E3.

  • Tuxedo

    Has anyone seen June’s iss of OPM? They’ve got an exclusive list of some PS3 launch titles

    Mercianaries:World in Flames
    Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway
    Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
    Unreal Tournament 2007
    Ridge Racer 7
    Medal of Honor: Airborne
    Fatal Inertia
    Coded Arms: Assault
    Tony Hawk (possibly)
    If you include Resistance: FOM and Koei’s Bladestorm that’s 14 games give or take.

  • Gary

    Is that the US OPM?

    Well if that is true I would go for Mercs 2, THP8 & Resistance.

    Hmm 3 games that I want. Is that reason enough for me to get a PS3 at launch…

    Yes. Yes it is.

    That’s if it’s true of course.

  • I thought Call of Duty 3 would be a launch title too? There are a couple from Activision.

  • Matt

    Games will be added and games will be pushed back. Oblivion and GR:AW were launch titles and pushed back to March.

    We really won’t know until a week or two before launch. Unfortunately the developers won’t know until then.

  • Gary

    Well if that’s the case Matt I’ll just have to pick up a PS3 when I can. I’m not making a decision until I know what games are available.