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What’s Important To You For The PS3 Launch? |

There’s a great article on called “What Makes A Successful Launch” & it makes interesting reading with a lot of valid points.

We know that there will be some faulty consoles at launch it goes with the territory & the price has already been done to death. However the most important part of a consoles launch for me is games. If I’m willing to pay £400+ for a console then I expect some top quality games available alongside the console.

Games like Mercenaries 2, Gran Turismo, Heavenly Sword, Resistance, Call of Duty 3 & Tony Hawk’s Project 8 are exactly the type of games that would justify me buying a PS3 at launch. However only one of the aforementioned games has been ‘confirmed’ for launch (Resistance: Fall of Man).

If only one of those ‘heavy hitters’ fail to appear alongside the PS3 then I will see the PS3 launch as a failure because I’m a gamer. I want a PS3 to play games on it not to watch Blu-ray movies or go online with it.

However there is no doubt that the PS3 will sell out at launch so that to Sony will make the PS3 launch a success.

So my question to you guys/girls is: What to you makes a successful console launch? – What Makes A Great Launch

  • WonderSteve

    Games and prices are the main factors to me. I originally plan to get a PS3 at launch and then a Wii, but since Wii is launching with Zelda and possibly Trauma Centre: Second Opinion. I may get the Wii at launch and wait for PS3 to have a price drop. I think Sony priced PS3 a little too high.

    If only the 20GB model have WiFi and HDMI, I would think 550 is reasonable since looks like PS3 will have a good exclusive library like the PS2. But since I want HDMI for the Blu-ray player, I would have to get the 650 (Canadian dollars) model. It’s a too high unless it has a killer launch title (Such as Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, Dynasty Warriors..or a good RPG or action aventure)

  • flame n kebeb

    Blu-ray + SACD with HDMI is important aswell as the gaming capablities. Also being superior then any other console’s out there plus the flexibality of being updated like the PSP, i feel Sony has bagged it. But what the PS3 if offering for $599 its just more then just bargain. I was honestly expecting a price close to twice of that. One fact that i know is that PS3 is not going to be any cheaper for at least one year after launch and stand alone players are going to cost twice that and with PS3 being sold out for the next six months after launch, i have placed my pre-order. It will be a very sucessful launch cause of it appeal to wider age group unlike the previous console’s of any manufacturer. Sony has done its home work here and certainly have made this console good for the next 5 years. Altought the younger generation may not understand the hardware and its capabilities and may feel the pinch of the price but this is certainly no light weight console, and after looking Sony’s E3 conference, i certainly know sony is moving the right direction and it see the future well. Most importantly all its future upgrades from its launch would only be software(the 60GB Version) as all the hardware for the future is built-in already. So in simple word, no add on dics player or uncertainty of it direction. With backward compatibility has assured SonyPS3 will be sucessful launch!!

  • Inspectre

    I think its harder to judge a successfull launch now because of the new worldwide release scheme that Microsoft lead us into. I seriously doubt Sony would be doing a worldwide launch if MS hadn’t done it. With so few units per region at release of course it’s “successful” if they all sell out.

    I thought the PSP was a great launch. Sony had plenty of units shipped to retail, but many considered it a failure because it wasn’t an instant sell out which I think is crazy. It smacks of websites and magazines wanting to grab headlines to capture readers.

    On the other hand I think the 360 launch isn’t neccesarily successful because of the shortages, even though it’s been “sold out” for months. Supply issues have been resolved, but it’s barely selling more than the PS2 in North America. If May & June pick up and sell 500,000 units per month i’d say MS is on the right track. If not, MS needs to adjust something to get there.

    As for the PS3, I think it’s the perfect product. The bad news is it’s ahead of it’s time. This is absolute bleeding edge technology that peoople the world over will be buying this holiday. Everything is cutting edge except the shape of the controller. That could be a problem the first year. If the 2007 is slow, I think 2008 will be huge.

    As for success, I’d say Sony must actually ship 3 million units by Christmas. Another 3 million consoles by April 2007. Get the big games out we saw at E3 by April as well; AND the consoles sells out, It will be a successful launch. I figure the first 3-4 months would be considered the “launch window”. If it’s much less than that, I might consider it a “failure”. Either way I think 2008 will be the year of the PS3, NOT 2007 no matter how well it does.

    Oh yeah, GAMES it’s what it’s all about in the end.

  • To me a successful launch would be one where the press finally gets off Sony’s back and says something nice about them.

  • Matt

    That they don’t lie about the amount of units available this year.

    If they fail to get 1 million units to market before X-mas than it is a failure. The lack of 2-3 fun next ge type games is also important. In the first six months they need at least 3 AAA titles.

    Their online service needs to be functioning close to launch.

    Sony has promised a lot of things that I would look at very closely. I would almost bet my life that they fall short of 4 million units (a great marketing scheme since this is easy to change later)

    Game selection is looking bleak. Hopefully they can ramp up the games without sacrficing quality like some 360 titles at launch.