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Price Of The PS3 Irrelevant? |

PS3UK retailers speaking on claim the PS3 price of £425 is irrelevant & they believe people won’t be able to walk into a shop & pick one up off the shelf during the first 6 months. Here’s some quotes to get your teeth into:

“Given the machine is likely to be a sell-out this side of Christmas, I think the price point is irrelevant for the first six months,” specialist retail chain CeX’ marketing manager Jonathan Cronin told “The launch frenzy will be there – this is the new PlayStation, not the new Xbox. Four million units globally before Christmas? I don’t think you’ll be able to buy one off the shelf.”

OK the PlayStation brand is strong & I would be surprised if people could just walk into a store & pick up a PS3.

Steve O’Brien, boss of leading independent retailer Action Replay, agrees. “With the amount of product coming into the UK I think Sony could have quite comfortably priced it at twice the price and still sell-out twice over,” he suggested. “In the first round of any console sales it’s the fanboys and hardcore gamers who buy it. I think the strength of the brand is key.”

Now hold on just a minute! I’d class myself as a ‘hardcore’ gamer but I haven’t got £950 to spend on a games console even before games & extra joypads etc & I doubt very few ‘fanboys’ & ‘hardcore gamers’ do either. Maybe things need to be put into perspective a little bit:

“Such high prices are a difficult thing to push at retail level especially with the continued problems of distribution, release dates, and product availability that have dogged UK product releases for some time,” insisted Steve Aspinall, owner of indie V-Ten Entertainment. “And that’s without the mass-discount culture convincing the consumer to wait a few months, and the uncanny shortage of convincing software for the platform, not to mention the continued implication that next gen gaming cannot take place without a next-gen television set.”

The last part is key for me. I don’t have any stats that tell me exactly how many HDTVs have been sold in Europe but I can guarantee you this: the people that have bought them will be in the minority. High-def is big in North America & East Asia but in Europe it hasn’t taken off yet. The people that have bought HDTVs fall into two categories: the people with disposable incomes that will use their HDTVs with Sky’s High-def digiboxes & Xbox 360 owners.

There is no other content available to use with a HDTV.

If you’re like me & you don’t own a HDTV but you want a PS3 then you will have to spend way over £1000 on a HDTV, PS3 & games, to experience next-gen gaming.

Now that’s a lot of money no matter which way you look at. For hardcore gamers with disposable incomes that’s not a problem, but for hardcore gamers like me who haven’t got disposable incomes then that just isn’t going to happen.

It’s looking more & more likely I’m going to have to wait until next year to get my hands on the PS3. Unless there are some major games available immediately at launch. Then the overall price can be justified.

What do you think? – UK Retailers Say PS3 Price is Irrelevant

  • nick botulism

    even if they sell out completely at the higher price, it still gives the PS3 a negative impression. people may not want to wait till more are available and may just jump to the xbox360, which is cheaper and more plentiful, and never even notice when the PS3 drops in price…

  • I am all about buying a HDTV atm… Our house is being reset so SAT TV (for good) in August, so now is the time for me to switch. Last week i sold my Sony Rearprojection TV and got a nifty 350€ for it (paid 500€ myself for it 😀 )… HDTV in Germany? No good… We JUST got it some months ago, and mainly only the Pay TV channels…

    I wont buy a PS3 at launch for sure, but I will eventually get one in some time…

  • Gary

    If you get a HDTV Segitz what will use it for if you don’t get a PS3 straight away?

  • I mainly use it for DVD and as I work in Engeneering, i need to visualize things in HiDef… Why I dont buy one from the start? Because I cant afford it! I am a student at University of Stuttgart and that doesnt leave much time to go to work…

  • flame n kebab

    HDTV or not…PS3 if future proofed, for its in the system ,the price set now its a serious bargain from Sony, hey Sony is practically giving away this for a small change. I dont think any other console is going to close to what sony is offering. YES ps3 price at this point is irrevelant, since its only going to be 2million units at launch 2millons for christmas for world wide launch, there is going to be none avalable till mid next year with price lower then now. I will be lucky to even get one ofter i place my pre-order. Hi Def is coming anyway, and ps3 is ready. Heck world cup is going to shown in HD in UK. Price? what price? Is just loose change for what u gettin, and only if people actually understand and appreciated the technology in it.

  • Gary

    Yeah it’s future proof but there are people like me that are only interested in the games. If there’s no AAA games at launch then it renders the console worthless because I won’t be upgrading to BD movies for a long time yet. £425 for something that has no games that I want is worthless to me. I wish I had £425 in loose change!

  • American

    I am really doubting that Sony will even come close to 1 million units this year. Let alone the 4 million that they talk about. It isn’t that they won’t be able to produce on their end, but all of the suppliers that have to contribute to the effort.

    I have no idea how the U.K. can afford the PS3. That is $757 in the US which is absolutely ridiculous. That is a months rent to play a game. I don’t care what it has in it, it is first and foremost a game console. Even with my HDTV I cannot justify that kind of cash.

    I think it is funny that Americans complain about $600. Europeans have to pay 25% more than we do.

    If anyone buys one at launch in Europe who doesn’t burn money because it looks cool is out of their minds. HDTV is a must in my opinion because it does make a huge difference.

  • flame n kebab

    Call me nuts, but definately getting the PS3, everything thats in it will be very useful to me, there are games at launch and there will be more in time, there are going to be some fantastic games like seen in e3 too. Well GBP 425 is not much for me as the money would be spent on something else anyway. So 4million unit from november06 to march 07 for a 6BILLION population world wide, i think it going to be out out stock till march next year. It only we the british and american make tons of bitchin online here abt price and so but in japan and most of asia is eagerly waitin for this console where xbox is not strong. Even if it was targeted at 1 BILLION of the population, thats still only a fraction. I dont like waiting while games are being launched and i dont have a PS3 by then. Now with more bad publicity of PS3 is making me want it more and more as its funny to see how ppl are praying hard that it would fail and with all the sour grapes around. If you undertand it technology and have an apreciation of it and what it has to offer with its strong support from everyone(developers) and your HD equipment with surround sound, you will be at the fore front of experiancing what everyone by default will be in 3 to 4 years time when everything goes HD. By then i hope i would have moved on to something new. irrevelent…..its has always been for new technology.

  • I like the fact that your precise HDTV is still small in europe. I live in Japan and got my 32inch LCD screen for $1000, my appartment is small and I bundle the tv with the 360 and I have a nice set. PS3 is defintely futur proofed, that’s why I’m considering buying one of those and as I’m interrested by all the features that it offers (gosh I hope my dvd rental shop will have blue ray by november!) I really think it’s a bargain : I want blue ray, I want wifi, I want hdmi, I want ps2 backward compatibility (ico & dragon quest already waiting on my shelf, katamari to come) and I want great game. Waiting 6 months to have a $100 bargain? that’s $16 a month to have it at my home right now, sounds like a good price to me, and I hope the machine will last for several years!

    But I agree that for people who want a basic game system to use on a regular CRT not connected on the internet : yes it’s expensive!

  • The Mighty Muff

    Gary, don’t you think you are centering your assessment of Sony’s launch rather too much around yourself? It’s true, when the launch comes if there are insufficient games to make the purchase worth your while, then you likely won’t purchase a PS3. But what does have to do with the PS3 launch from an objective perspective? You’ll not get a PS3 _then_, but what about a year later when the games catalogue has improved and the price has dropped? Sooner or later you’ll play a part. In the meantime, hardcore gamers with disposable incomes will be funding Sony’s efforts.

    Plenty of people didn’t purchase a PS2 at launch, and Metal Gear Solid 2 wasn’t available until long after launch. In fact my memory of the early PS2 games catalogue tells me that it was pretty weak for a while. Fortunately you’ll be able to play any old PS2 or PS1 game in the meantime.

    I think a key element will be the launch of Sony’s online service. If they can launch this in time with the PS3, then perhaps more content will be available than just the games you can buy in a retail outlet.

  • Gary

    This is a blog after-all. The PS3 price is important to a lot of people & not everybody has disposable incomes. I WILL be getting a PS3 it’s just a matter of when not if.

    I live in the UK & HDTV is not mainstream yet & high-def is a big part of the PS3 whichever way you look at. To get the best experience out of a PS3 you will need a HDTV.

    There’s a lot of factors to take into consideration when thinking about purchasing a PS3. Especially if money is not a luxury.

  • Super Slug

    Future proof? Future proof against what? By the time the features, notably 1080p, of the PS3 become commonplace, it will be time to upgrade to the next generation. Its game system! Not a TV that is intended to be kept for the next 10 years. Most TVs that I’ve seen, even the new ones, are 720p/1080i max. Manufactures r going to milk that resolution right there to make as much money on it as possible. Then they’ll beging to phase in 1080p as the “next thing.” I’m little off the point, but future proof my @$$. Nothing is future proof so u guys need to get that out of u’r head. By the time u leave the store w/ what u think is a hot new purchase, there is already the next best thing coming into receiving.

  • 12,000lb Leg Press

    Yeah, buddy!!! Light weight!!! *Unwraps knees*

    Man, to u guys that thing the PS3 price is ok is on something good. I don’t care if the PS3 is powered by a quantom singularity, the damn thing is expensive period. Is it a value? I suppose if one is into BR, then maybe. But to the rest of us who has no interest in this next movie format, its a turn off. I was going to get one until I saw that price. No way in hell I’m paying that much for a game system.

    802.11 b/g build in? I saw 802.11 b/g router w/ a 4 port switch for $10 (no rebate required) @ Fry’s. Makes u wonder how cheap this stuff really is. Gigabit port? Well, just about every computer thats worth a damn has one of those. Those costs pennies. HD? $30 for a western digital 60GB IDE HD around these parts. I wonder what Sony gets them for.

    Hmmm…. This PS3 has a lot of common elements found throughout the electronic world, but somehow this thing is a value and and future proof. Well I guess my little MacBook Pro here is future proof then, right? This is too complicated for me to comprehend. I only have enough brain power to add the sum 45lb plates.

    U guys really need to stop being so blind. BR is an unproven format w/ no content available. When it does arrive, its going costs a little bit more, a lot more actually. Built in this and that. So what? The way things r going, pretty soon u’r toilet is going to have 802.11b/g plus a TB hard drive… Sorry fellas, me not c value in PS3. its horse power is not magnitudes above X360 and the reality is that the only distinguishing feature is BR; which could fail.

    I’m going to go hit this next set. *Puts on 2 more 45lb plates on the sled.*

  • To compare fairly to price you don’t compare price vs supposed cost but price vs price of the competition.

    A wifi adapter for the 360 cost around 90 dollars. Same for the hardrive, it’s only the raw cost but the additional building process, the purchase and aministration cost that count to go to the total. Sure who need BR right in november, but a console system is there to lenght for year, so better be ready for the futur. Don’t make me wrong the 360 is a great system ( I own one) but it’s not that of a good deal and we can be sure that if MS failed that round again we’ll have a new roll up of a new system in less than 4 years.

    Or maybe it’s just professional point of view (finance guy) that sees the good investment